Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall Festival

We went and checked out our local Fall Festival and it was the same as ever, but the kids love it. We didn't do the rides because of our recent Disneyland trip, but we still had fun. We did the panning for gold booth this year. The guy that helped me find my gold was going on and on about how much money they spent to get everyone a little vile of gold, but we are all appreciative, and we all know a bit more about the processes of finding gold. It was super fun, and the kids had a blast... Okay, we had fun too!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I made pancakes for the boys the this morning... and Obadiah decided to do an impression of one...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Happy Anniversary Husband! It's been seven years, I can't belive how time flies! It seems like just yesturday we went to the Grand Canyon together... where we fell in love. It's hard to believe that it was only four days after our first time together that we expressed our affection, and only two months before we married. It's been paradise since... at least I think so. This year we didn't even have to buy each other gifts because everyone else was piling them on (that doesn't stop us though)!!! Thanks so much to my parents for our new favorite toy... And thankyou Cambria for the BEAUTIFUL delicious cake... I love you Bill, I can't wait for the adventures the next 7 years will bring!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Bill and I promised my sister Cheyanne that we would take her to Disneyland this summer with the boys, but it worked out that she had to go back for a week of school before we were able to go. She flew out on a Thursday and we drove to Disneyland Friday morning. We made it as the gates were opening and stayed 'til just after the fireworks. I'm not one to leave Disneyland early (normally) but for some reason we were just exhausted (the long drive most likely). My Aunt came and later my cousin Logan and his sweet girlfriend Lindsey showed up. We crashed at Auntie Cathy's house after a super long day (thanks Auntie!!!).

This was the first ride we went on, (Indiana Jones) and it was also Liam's first time ever. Notice Cheyanne, she looks soooo excited, now look at Liam, he looks terrified... and he was. He worked himself up so bad while we were in line that he ended up closing his eyes the whole ride. I didn't know that his eyes were closed until we got to the snake, I promised him that I'd cover his eyes up at the snake part, but when I went to do it his eyes were already covered!!! He only peeked to look at Indy every once in a while. Splash Mountain is my favorite ride, I finally, after 27 years, figured out why, it's because it scares the you know what right out of me, every single time. This time was no exception. Normally I wouldn't share this kind of thing with the whole world, but I just want you all to know how much it scares me, so look at my face... Anyways, it is my favorite ride, and I do it at least 2 times, rain or shine, light or dark. Liam and Ezra love it too, as does Cheyanne!Ezra decided his favorite ride is "The Fast Train" or, Thunder Mountain as the rest of us know it. He thought the bones were cute, and he loved the water fountains along the way. We stumbled across something we had never seen at Disneyland before, a petting zoo! The first goat we saw was so still that we thought it was fake for the first 3 minutes, only when we got up close enough to smell it did we realize it was as real as they come. And when I say close... On our way out of the zoo we ran into Woody, he posed with the family and then noticed Obi with his soother (pacifier, binky, etc...) and he pulled it out of his mouth, then he spent about a minute trying to put it back in. It was very cute.Of coarse we had to do the Jedi training academy, Liam and Ezra both got picked (we knew Liam would, we were shocked when Ezra did as well) to be Jedi's in training. Last time we were at Disneyland Liam and Ezra both had light sabers and were ready to fight, but neither one of them got picked, so they just watched from the side lines. Darth Maul likes to walk back and forth in between beating on little children to intimidate the crowd and he saw the boys with their light sabers, so he walked right up to Liam and hit his light saber with his own light saber! Well, poor Liam thought he was about to die, so he just started to bawl like crazy. We were all amazed at Darth Maul because any of us would have been like "whoops, sorry!" but he stayed right in character and just walked stared at him before walking off to fight a kid. I wish we had our camera that day, but of coarse we didn't. We brought it this time though. Liam the Jedi chose not to fight Darth Maul, but instead wanted a piece of Darth Vader. Ezra the Jedi also chose to fight Darth Vader. Before the sith come out the kids go through extensive training, but that still doesn't prepare them for the scariness... This is what a baby looks like after he has a run in with Darth Maul! The two older boys got to go dance with Stitch during the parade and they loved it, although Liam did mention that Stitch ate a guy and he could see him in Stitches nose! Mo was just happy to sit with his AWESOME daddy! We got our last Splash Mountain ride in right before the fireworks... (Go SHARK FINS!!!) and after the fireworks we headed back to the car. We all wished we had a Lindsey to carry us, but only Ezra did.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Food - Rice Cereal

Obi had his first food, he's not so fond ot it. He keeps spitting it out, but he wasn't angry about it, just his happy self without the ability to swallow! He sure is cute though, don't worry we'll keep trying.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My first upholstry job

Jacob Skinner asked me to re-upholster a couch in one of the mansions his company, five feathers, is working on.

Before:During: It was missing 3 cusions (as you can see) so I had to create them from scratch. It was a bit of a challenge, but it was also a fun project.After: