Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Changed my settings

People have been telling me that they can't comment on my blog for some reason, so I changed my settings. You should be able to comment now! So go ahead, comment away!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Obi Fatterson

We call Obi a couple of nicknames, for example, the title of this post, as well as Obi Cuterson. The other day Ezra called him "the cutie fatty Oberson". I thought that was really cute.

Awesomest Date Ever

While my parents were here they took Bill and I out on a date. After swimming at the shark tank They took us to an amaizing restaurant called the rumjungle at the Mandalay Bay. It cost over $250 for the 4 of us to eat, but it was absolutely amaizing. The food was awesome, the service was awesome. The company was fantastic. They had a huge wall covered in booze, which even for us non-drinkers, was pretty fabulous (to look at). After our wonderful meal they took us over to Ceasers Palace to watch Jeff Dunham. Jeff Dunham was so hilarious, I almost died laughing several times. I'd seen him before, but almost everything in this show was new, and there was a point in his show when Akmed the Terrorists ribs got stuck to his spine and they couldn't get him apart, and the way that man fought through that, ad libbing the whole time was probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen. He has an opening act, "Guitar Guy" and I think I could watch a whole show of just him, because not only does he have the comedy down, but he can really REALLY play the guitar. His son is one of the members of the band Avenge Sevenfold, and he went off on this bitter (hilarious) tangent about how he was just as good, but made half as much money, and then he proved that he could play just as well. My mouth was hanging down to the floor. It was SO GOOD!!!

Anyways, I think all of Vegas was there, because we sat in traffic in the parking Garage for one whole hour (LITERALLY, I'm not exagerating) without moving an inch. After an hour we started crawling along about a foot every 15 minutes. We were in the line of traffic for 2 and a half hours, but you know what... it was totally worth it to see that show with my hubby and my parents! Thanks Mom !!! (and dad)! It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!


Well, we took our FREEcation to Primm, NV. We had a complete blast. Lots of free food, and free nights. Free rides and swimming. We didn't even use all of our free stuff, there was so much! Plus, we had some extra suprises.Vanessa brought her 3 youngest boys, Rudy was in Utah at the time. I brought my four, and we met our friend Aime there, who brought her 4 boys plus a friend (also a boy) so we had a lot of boy power! It must have been hilarious to see us all together. On our second day there my parents showed up to suprise us! We were definatly suprised! Cheyanne convinced Vanessa and I to go on the desperato with her (a really huge, scary roller coaster) and I convinced my Dad that he should join us. I thought Vanessa was going to pass into the next life before it ended, she was so not happy! When the roller coaster ended we were all staggering down the stairs to the main floor when my Dad started yelling about his cell phone, he ran back to the car and looked inside it, but we all knew it was hopeless. Then a lady that was a couple of cars back came up and told us about a little black object that went flying by her face. Yup, that would be the cell phone. Needless to say, we still haven't found it, as it is probably in 3428 peices underneath the coaster. A cell phone just doesn't survive a 248 foot drop without shattering. Primm has a couple of rides, but other than the roller coaster, which we did only once, we only rode the log ride.We took the tram over to the mall but boys did not nap, and then right before dinner as we were checking out the mall Mo fell asleep. That night everyone went right to sleep except for him. He just played (noisely) in his bed with the toys that they got at McDonalds. After he fell asleep the boys did not sleep soundlessly, they were all over the place (I woke up to use the bathroom and found them like this). By the end of the night they all ended up in my bed, and Cheyanne had vacated to their bed... all alone! Obi was an angel the whole trip, as usual!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


One night I decided to take pictures of all my sleeping boys, because they are all completely different in the way the sleep. So here are their stories.

Liam kicks off his blankets no matter what the temperature. I lose a lot of sleep worrying about him in the winter, wondering if he'll be an ice cube by morning.
Ezra wraps his blankets tightly around him no matter what the temperature is! Don't have to worry about him freezing to death! Mosiah doesn't care, as long as his precious "Mankey" (blankey) is close by.
And Obi, I can already tell I'm going to lose sleep over him too. He used to kick his blankets down, but now he has a new method. Kick them up. Right onto his face. I get up about 4 times a night to rescue him from suffocation. But he puts them right back on!

The other night i put him in bed next to Bill because I was drying his sheets, and this is what I found.
I removed the blanket and found this underneath.
When I pulled this blanket off his face he immediately rolled his face back into the other blanket!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh what do you do in the summer time?

Do you learn to walk like Spiderman? Do you blow bubbles in your milk? Do you dress like your brothers? Do you write your name in marbles? Do you hang out with your cousins?Do you swim in a pool to make yourself cool?Do you pose with HUGE cowboys?Do you paint rocks for your Dad? Is that what you dooooooooo? So do I!!!