Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thanksgiving in October???

October was so much fun! Halloween, Baby Anticipation, Plus we got to go back to Canada for a short trip. I only hope November will be as fun!!!

I put Obi down for a nap in his "new" bed. I heard him playing and let it go. I went to check on him a while later and this was him behind the door.Our weekend in Canada was filled with excitement. The first huge event was Bill's Great Great Aunt Teeny's 100th Birthday! We also got to have Thanksgiving with my parents. We visited with Danielle and her family. We stayed with Crystal and Darren and Triston, and we even got to stay with Aunt Della!

Happy 100th Birthday Aunt Teeny!!!!
Aunt Teeny was born 10/10/10 and in honor of her 100th birthday she arrived in this HUGE SUV Limo, just for her!
Ezra was so cute. He just had to tell Aunt Teeny that he wanted her to have the best birthday ever. He cut in line and stood right by her wheel chair until the lady with him let him talk to her. It was really sweet.
Great Aunt Teeny and Grandma with the Peavoys! She doesn't look a day over 95 : ) Actually, she looks really good. The boys thought she smelled of peppermint and chamomile.
Look at all the people that showed up just for the birthday!
Linda, Carla, Marion, Della, and Glenda with 100 year old Great Aunt Teeny!
After our big Thanksgiving dinner we did a lot of fun out door stuff. We rode horses with my Cowgirl Sister Cheyanne. We dug for worms. We looked at the Batman Jeep. We learned to ride a pogo stick and an electric scooter. Then we had a campfire with hot-dogs and smokies. After that the boys had a nice bath and went to bed! It was a great day! Thanks Parents!

Cheyanne and MosiahCheyanne and Ezra. Ezra had a blast on the horse. His favorite thing to do was let go and pretend he was flying on a pegusus or something!
Mo was so stoked to see Papa's "Batman Jeep"! He sat in there for about an hour!
We all know Mo loves Batman, but what you all didn't know is that Obi loves him just as much!!! He calls him Man Man!!!
While the other boys were on the horse Obi figured out how to do his own seatbelt... kind of...

Obi and Cheyanne. Look at his hands! He wouldn't let go of the reins the whole time. He wanted to be the cowboy. I also love how serious his face is! Cheyanne is telling us about how he wouldn't let go of the saddle and the reins and how cute it was, that's why the cute laughing face.Papa brought out the electric scooter to show all the boys. My friend Sarah and her son Jordan where there too so all the boys including Jordan got Scooter rides and Pogo stick rides. It was humorous to watch Bill teaching kids 7 and under how to jump on a pogo stick!!! Good job honey!
Obi and Papa on the scooter!
I didn't get a very good shot of Bill on the pogo stick, but I did get one of him on the horse. Raised in the city? You couldn't tell by the way he rides. For some reason he kept quoting Woody from Toy Story.
Papa and Ezra:
Papa and Mosiah:
Papa and Liam riding the scooter!
I laughed really hard when I uploaded this picture to my computer, because it makes Obi look like the devil. Read eyes with Fire shooting out!!! This was at the weaner roast we had after our awesome Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner at my parents house. Thanks Nana!!!
On our way home from Canada we stopped at this rest stop and this is the sign we were greeted with. The reason I posted it is because when I was a kid we stopped at this same rest stop and after being stuck in the car for so long Crystal and I bolted right for the grass and were playing and having a great time until my Dad said "Hey girls, come here, I wanna show you something..." so we ran over and he made us read this sign. I actually cried I was so devastated. I guess I was really good at playing the "what if" game, because I was so shook up by it, it was all I could think about for the next couple of days! It also took Bill several days to quit saying, "There's a snake in my boot."
Nana is here to help until the baby comes. My original (wrong) due date was October 28th. It has now been bumped to November 4th! Poor Nana, we don't know how long she'll have to end up staying, but she says she's not leaving until this baby pops out! I am measuring 2 weeks earlier than my wrong due date, so who knows when this baby will come?

Nana and Obi having some hair time.
Cambria's pumpkin cupcake class! I got to take my Mom with me, so that was super fun!

Happy Halloween!!!!
We went as vegetables this year. The boys were PEAvoys, also PEA-boys. Bill, Nana, and I made the giant pea pod costume.
Bill and I were carrots, although there was a lot of confusion about my belly and people thought I was a pumpkin. Come on people... that is so a carrot costume!!! Nana was our gardener!