Sunday, February 20, 2011

Liam's Birth Story

Because of a friend that I have met recently who is interested in my birth stories I decided to just blog about the ones that haven't been blogged yet. This is Liam's story...

Liam Jefferson Peavoy

Liam Jefferson Peavoy, born August 26th, 2003. 8 lbs, 12 oz.
Liam was due on August 30th, and because he was my first pregnancy Dr. Jochim (I had my first two babies in the hospital with Dr. Jochim) thought I might go late. My Mom was down visiting a week before I was due and Dr. J stripped my membranes thinking that might help me go early, but my Mom ended up having to leave before he came. On Monday, August 25th I started having labor pains at Kym and Adam Woods house at around 11:00pm. They were pretty steady so Kym, who has had 7 kids, suggested we go for a walk. After walking around the block for a while the contractions were 1 -2 minutes apart so we headed to the hospital. After we checked into the hospital they measured me and I was only 4 cm dilated so we
decided to walk around the hospital to speed it up. Because I was already a 4 they wouldn't let me leave and we ended up staying in the hospital over night. Finally, when I was 7 cm dilated, Dr. J broke my water. When I hit 10 cm they put my feet in stirrups and started I started pushing. Kym Wood was there and acted as my Doula, and Bill held my hand. I remember at one point I was pretty tense and he tried to make me laugh, but I guess I felt like birthing was supposed to be a serious thing and I yelled at him. I still feel guilty 7 1/2 years later! I've lightened up quite a bit now! I don't know how long I pushed, but it felt like forever. When I was 18 I went cliff diving off an 80 foot drop. When I hit the water I landed wrong and ended up tearing myself up in my "birthing area" pretty bad. I guess, because of this injury and the scar tissue, I just couldn't stretch right, so I ended up having an episiotomy. As soon as Dr. J cut me Liam kind of just fell out. Liam was born at 11:16 am. He was 8 lbs, 12 oz. A good size, healthy, beautiful baby boy.

I remember when I looked at Liam for the first time I thought no baby could ever possibly be as beautiful as the one we had just helped create.
The "birthing team" minus Dr. Jochim.I looked on line for a picture of Dr. Jochim holding a cute baby or something, this is what I found!!! I LOVE it! Dr. J loved hunting so much!

Ezra's Birth Story

Ezra Adams Peavoy

There was quite a turn out for Ezra's birth. My Mom vowed to not miss it, so she was there for a while before he was due. My best friend from elementary school Nikiea came up for the birth and my cousin Logan was in Cottonwood as well. Ezra was due on February 15th, but Nikiea and Logan were planning on going on a little road trip for a while and really wanted that baby to be out before they left on the 11th. They made me do a lot of hiking! Finally, on February 11th, at 5:35 in the morning I had a huge contraction that woke me up. I layed in bed through 2 more contractions, 10 minutes apart, and then got up to do my hair and makeup (I like to look at least "OK" for my births). When I was ready to go, we let everyone know that we were heading to the hospital and that we'd call with news after we got there. We stopped at Kym and Adam's house to let them know, decided to walk around the block (it was raining lightly, but it was nice) and then headed to the library to drop off some books. We were going to walk around the hospital before going in but it felt like he might be coming sooner then we thought so we went in to get checked out. After checking in Dr. J came in to check me and found that I was already 7 cm! He broke my water and ran to get into his scrubs. Ezra was born 15 minutes later!!!! My mom and Kym made it just in time! Logan and Nikiea were able to come and visit Ezra before they left on their road trip, so it was perfect! My first contraction was at 5:35 and Ezra was born at 10:35am. Five hours from start to finish! Ezra was 8 lbs 12 oz, just like Liam.
Liam thought Ezra was the best thing that ever happened in the world. He wouldn't put him down!
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Mosiah's Birth Story

Mosiah Washington Peavoy

We decided to have our 3rd baby at home using a midwife. At about 4 AM on January 5th, I had a contraction and got out of bed to do my hair and makeup. After then next contraction I realized it was a little to painful so I woke Bill up to ask if him if I should call the midwife. Bill knew it was long drive in from Vegas so he decided it was best to get the midwife to start driving. For the next 45 minutes, Bill set up the birthing kit and supplies and got everything ready for when our midwife, Sandy, would arrive. After a pretty solid contraction, I said to Bill, "Soooo, if I was to have this baby, like NOW, would you be okay?" Bill assured me that he would be fine if we needed to proceed without Sandy and I said "Good, cause I can feel his head!" Bill looked and sure enough, there was his head! With the midwife still 20 minutes away, Bill rolled up his sleeves and reassured me that he would deliver the baby and everything would be fine. With the midwife talking into his ear on the cell phone and his mother (the only other person in the house) handing him everything he needed, Bill delivered his 3rd beautiful son into this world at 5:30 AM. Compared to our 2 previous births, this one was the quickest, smoothest and easiest on me. Because I was trying to keep Mosiah in until the midwife arrived I actually didn't even push, he just kind of slid out when he was ready! It was the most beautiful experience in the world and when the midwife finally arrived she said that Mosiah was one of the healthiest and strongest babies she’d ever seen. Sandy showed up about 10 minutes after Mosiah came out. She finished up and left in record time! Before she left, she asked Bill if he’d like to study to become a midwife (and she wasn't joking). Mosiah Washington Peavoy weighed 9 lbs at birth and measured 20 ½ inches long. He is beautiful and healthy, and we think he’s perfect in every way.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Liam's Chin....

4 years ago Liam fell out of a Walmart cart and busted his chin open, the story is here. Now Liam has a new story to tell. We all got invited to a birthday party at the skating rink. We don't have skates yet, but we decided to find some helmets and go anyway. We would just be walking on the ice and getting used to the feel of it. Liam felt it alright. Liam and Ezra and Daddy with the stroller were the first ones out on the ice, Mo and I joined after we got Mo's helmet fitted properly. As soon as I got on the ice (about 3 minutes after everyone else) Liam fell backwards in front of me and smacked the back of his helmet pretty good. I gasped and Bill told me that that was actually the 6th time he had fallen! I said a silent thank you to Sarah, the birthday boys mom, for making us bring helmets.
I then grabbed my camera and started to take pictures of my camera. It wasn't until just now that I realized that I had the progression of Liam's Dilema on film.
This is the first picture that I took. (Taken at 3:23pm)
This is a picture of my friend Lisa Cahoon. In the background there is a little boy getting up off of the ice. That is Liam. (Taken at 3:23pm)This is my awesome little sister Cheyanne, in the background you can see Liam laying on the ground. (Taken at 3:23pm)
Bill will probably not appriciate this picture of his bum, but notice Liam in this picture holding his chin and crying. (Taken at 3:23pm, that's a lot of falls in 1 minute!!!") I slid over to see what was wrong and it was pretty bad. There is this monstrous gaping hole where Liam's chin should be! Before I left the house I grabbed a clean white washcloth... just in case of emergency... and I threw that on his chin. After talking to a couple of family friends and a nurse who happens to be the Birthday Boys teacher... I think... we got in the car and headed to the ER.
Warning: The next picture is a little graphic for you weak stomached friends. It makes me cringe! You can also see the scar from his last incident. There is also a HUGE alligator tear rolling down his neck. Poor boy! (This picture was taken in the van in front of the hospital at 3:41pm)
Liam putting on a brave face before going in to get stitches. (Look at all those freckles! He is so darling!)
When he came out of the hospital he was so excited! He had a cool story to share and 5 stitches! What could be more fun than that!?!? (They wanted to give him a sedative, but he was able to calm him self down so he wouldn't need one.) So, we loaded him back in the car and went to the rest of Jordans party at the local bakery.

1 week later he got the stitches out.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keepin' em Busy

I let the boys empty all the laundry out of the laundry baskets and this is what I found a couple of minutes later.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our 20 year Family Vision

Just a little activity I did with my boys from the book Self Government by Nicholeen Peck.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A little help?

The van got stuck on our road when Bill was coming home from Seminary. I tried to help him dig it out but before we could do much Clint Weston, our neighbor, came along with his plow and dug us out! Thanks Clint!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Ezra!!!

Phew! We have a lot of birthdays early in the year!!! Ezra loves fish. He loves clams, snails, shells of all sorts really. For his birthday I made him a clam cake and a Nemo cake. Nana made him seafood chowder for lunch. His "job" of the day was to pull all the tails off of the shrimps. Nasty!!!! He loved it. I ate a lovely corn chowder, everyone else had seafood chowder. Ezra picked all the crab and shrimp out and ate it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hyrum's Baby Blessing

Grammy and Papa came out for Hyrum's baby blessing and for some family pictures. The blessing was beautiful.