Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ezra's Birth Story

Ezra Adams Peavoy

There was quite a turn out for Ezra's birth. My Mom vowed to not miss it, so she was there for a while before he was due. My best friend from elementary school Nikiea came up for the birth and my cousin Logan was in Cottonwood as well. Ezra was due on February 15th, but Nikiea and Logan were planning on going on a little road trip for a while and really wanted that baby to be out before they left on the 11th. They made me do a lot of hiking! Finally, on February 11th, at 5:35 in the morning I had a huge contraction that woke me up. I layed in bed through 2 more contractions, 10 minutes apart, and then got up to do my hair and makeup (I like to look at least "OK" for my births). When I was ready to go, we let everyone know that we were heading to the hospital and that we'd call with news after we got there. We stopped at Kym and Adam's house to let them know, decided to walk around the block (it was raining lightly, but it was nice) and then headed to the library to drop off some books. We were going to walk around the hospital before going in but it felt like he might be coming sooner then we thought so we went in to get checked out. After checking in Dr. J came in to check me and found that I was already 7 cm! He broke my water and ran to get into his scrubs. Ezra was born 15 minutes later!!!! My mom and Kym made it just in time! Logan and Nikiea were able to come and visit Ezra before they left on their road trip, so it was perfect! My first contraction was at 5:35 and Ezra was born at 10:35am. Five hours from start to finish! Ezra was 8 lbs 12 oz, just like Liam.
Liam thought Ezra was the best thing that ever happened in the world. He wouldn't put him down!
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