Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beach Trip

Nana and Papa decided to take us to the beach for part of Liam's birthday celebrations. It was so fun seeing my cousins and my Auntie Cathy. We had a blast at the beach. We all got seriously sunburned, but that's all just part of the fun! We set up this cute little tent on the beach for Obi and Cesar. Obi loved it, and Cesar wanted nothing to do with it if Obi was in it, so Obi got more use out of it.I love having my Mom at the beach with me because she is so awesome about letting Bill and I get a little alone time... well, not really alone time, but we at least get to go play in the water for a bit. This time was no exception... thanks Mommy!Mo was so cute with his little hat and Batman chair! Bill and the boys dug a huge hole for Logan and he sat in it. Then they built him some fake legs... which the boys decided to dig out, only to find that his legs were missing (he's really sitting cross-legged). Ezra probably got the most burned out of all the kids because he wouldn't put his shirt back on. I think he somehow missed the second application of sunscreen too! He found this really cute girl and was teaching her all about sand toys and crabs (can you imagine that? My land locked son was teaching an older California girl about the beach?)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Liam!!!

Well, my little Baby turned 6 today! I can't believe it's already been that long! 6 years ago out popped the most beautiful baby I had ever seen (okay, it wasn't that easy, I'll admit). He was born a sweety and he still is! He has the softest heart. When he was 2 if you told him "No!" he would just break down and cry like he had just robbed a bank. He is so good with his brothers and he LOVES little girls, he's got a couple favorites, and he's pretty sure he knows who he's going to marry!
The first thing we did for Liam's birthday was have a corn on the cob party. Nana and Papa brought corn in from Canada..... I love Taber corn! Liam, Ezra, and Mo shucked corn and Nana cooked it. Mommy cleaned up. Why do we clean before parties anyways? The house looked worse after everyone left than it did before I cleaned it! A couple of Liam's friends came over with their moms, we ate corn and then they left, opened some presents and then they left. We decided to save the cake for Chuck E. Cheese's later on in the day.After the corn party the boys took a nap, and when they woke up we drove in to Vegas to visit Chuck E. Cheese! The party was so fun. They let you bring your own cake and then Chuck comes out and sings with your family to the birthday guest! Each game only costs one token, and they have some really good pizza/token packages. We were actually shocked at how good the pizza was, and we all enjoyed our house. Plus, Chuck is so cute, how can you go wrong? We did a toy in a cake this year. It's a Star Wars Transformer. They are pretty cute. If I knew what the ship was called I'd tell you, but basically it's a star ship and Luke Skywalker. Too fun.Cheyanne spent some of her tokens on these cute pictures. While we were there Mo was running around (like kids do at Chuck E. Cheese) and he ran right into a table that one of the employees was cleaning behind. He got a big fat lip and he was bleeding all over. It scared the poop out of me, but he turned out to be okay.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dry Lake Bed

We promised the kids we'd take them swimming the other day, but when we got to the pool it was closed for repairs. We called around to a couple of our friends with pools and none of them were available. Well, we had to do something, so Bill remembered that one of his recent clients had invited him out to bring the boys to see his peacocks. So we drove out to his house, and started searching for the peacocks. We finally found them, and then they saw us and ran for their lives. Anyway, the boys didn't even see them, and all I saw was a massive retreat, so we went back to the car frustrated. Then Bill had a genius idea, and he drove us out to the dry lake bed.

Bill decided to let Cheyanne drive, and I quickly jumped into the back... I'm not so good with coaching, and Bill jumped in the passenger seat. He is such a good teacher, and he's so patient! He made her lesson fun and exciting, and somehow we're all still alive! She actually did a really good job, and I think she actually went about 50 MPH. When Cheyanne was done Liam said "I WANNA DRIVE!" I just laughed at that, but Bill said, "Come on up here Liam!" Then Bill coached my little 5 year old to drive all by himself! Of coarse after Liam, Ezra had to drive.... And then Mo They all did a good job, and we had a tonne of fun, so it worked out well.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Foam Insulation

As General Manager of PCC Construction a portion of my husbands responsibilities include supervising a foam insulation company. I had the opportunity to hang out and talk to some of Bill's employees, and they seemed really nice, and they loved working with Bill. He brought his team of guys over to foam our home one day and I got some pictures, I thought I'd post, just because girls should share a good thing... *cough*... Cheyanne was here while the foamers were here, and she was outside with them the whole time.... I think you'll see why in a moment. This is Micah, one of the foamers that has been around the longest, he had a lot of fun with us. We taught him how to roast hot dogs over an open fire and we cooked him his first tinfoil dinner. I tried to get a good picture of him but he kept looking away, this is what I came up with.... good one Micah.Mike and TR from Vegas. Foamin' it up!!! Bill says that is gets really hot in the foam suits so the guys usually wear only their undies underneath, the only reason Mike had his pants on was for modesty! So ladies... who wants foam?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cardston: Tillacks House

My parents and grandparents were so awesome this trip! They let us borrow their RV's and they provided with all camping essentials. Because of them, our campsite rocked!!! On the first night at their house, we stayed in the RV's in the yard and my Mom made all sorts of awesome food. My mom decided to take all the boys for a little ride in her convertible and thought it might be to full with Cesar, the dog, so she handed him to me stating "there's no room for the chihuahua!" (She had 7 kids in the car with her...)Right after they took off I set the dog down and this is what happened:Ooops! Sorry Mom! She had to open her door, let him in and bring him back, she gave me strict instructions on not letting him go, and so I held a squirmy psycho-dog until she returned, he sure loves her!
On our way back to the states we stayed at my parents one more night to visit and drop off the trailer. Papa decided to give all the boys a ride on the motorcycle (much to Mommy's dismay). They all want to be Bikers, just like papa (much to Daddy's dismay!)While the boys were riding Papa's bike my grandparents showed up to visit for a bit. It was so good to see them! I love them so much. My Husband is so awesome. He drove most of the trip home, I guess all the late night campfires with cousins and marshmallows finally caught up to me, because on my turn to drive I had to pull over and take a nap with everyone else!!! Bill was such a trooper and he, without even complaining just took over and drove the rest of the way home! Thanks Hubbalicious.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tone Reunion Part #3

On our last day of the reunion we were supposed to get up and take off early but we decided to stay and use up the rest of our food, and spend some time with the Reeves and some of Bill's cousins. Everyone came down to our site and we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows... we had more marshmallows than I've ever seen in my life. While we were all hanging out a deer wandered into our campsite. Mo got pretty close to it, and loved it.While we were building the fire, and roasting various food items Bill taught all the kids about ax safety, and even made up a song to the tune of "You can Fly" from Peter Pan. The kids thought he was hilarious, and I think they all get it now. Check it out, it's genius.An ax is a dangerous thing,
A VERY dangerous little thing,
You could do all kinds of harm,
You could lose a leg or arm,
So never touch an ax,
You could die
You could die
You could die
You could die
You could die!!!

There was a talent show at the reunion, Bill's family has amazing talent, but Bill and I decided to sit it out, we always take over talent shows, and we just thought we'd let the rest of the world show off a bit, so we didn't prepare anything for us, or the kids. You can probably imagine our surprise when Liam jumped up on the stage and announced that he would be entertaining us with a dance number! He got up there and just danced his little heart out, with no music. He did good, and he was super cute!
Tasha, Raquel, Me, Vanessa, Hailey.The Yellow Chicks: Me, Vanessa, Kayla, Kelly, Kym, Tasha