Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tone Reunion Part #3

On our last day of the reunion we were supposed to get up and take off early but we decided to stay and use up the rest of our food, and spend some time with the Reeves and some of Bill's cousins. Everyone came down to our site and we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows... we had more marshmallows than I've ever seen in my life. While we were all hanging out a deer wandered into our campsite. Mo got pretty close to it, and loved it.While we were building the fire, and roasting various food items Bill taught all the kids about ax safety, and even made up a song to the tune of "You can Fly" from Peter Pan. The kids thought he was hilarious, and I think they all get it now. Check it out, it's genius.An ax is a dangerous thing,
A VERY dangerous little thing,
You could do all kinds of harm,
You could lose a leg or arm,
So never touch an ax,
You could die
You could die
You could die
You could die
You could die!!!

There was a talent show at the reunion, Bill's family has amazing talent, but Bill and I decided to sit it out, we always take over talent shows, and we just thought we'd let the rest of the world show off a bit, so we didn't prepare anything for us, or the kids. You can probably imagine our surprise when Liam jumped up on the stage and announced that he would be entertaining us with a dance number! He got up there and just danced his little heart out, with no music. He did good, and he was super cute!
Tasha, Raquel, Me, Vanessa, Hailey.The Yellow Chicks: Me, Vanessa, Kayla, Kelly, Kym, Tasha

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