Monday, August 17, 2009

Dry Lake Bed

We promised the kids we'd take them swimming the other day, but when we got to the pool it was closed for repairs. We called around to a couple of our friends with pools and none of them were available. Well, we had to do something, so Bill remembered that one of his recent clients had invited him out to bring the boys to see his peacocks. So we drove out to his house, and started searching for the peacocks. We finally found them, and then they saw us and ran for their lives. Anyway, the boys didn't even see them, and all I saw was a massive retreat, so we went back to the car frustrated. Then Bill had a genius idea, and he drove us out to the dry lake bed.

Bill decided to let Cheyanne drive, and I quickly jumped into the back... I'm not so good with coaching, and Bill jumped in the passenger seat. He is such a good teacher, and he's so patient! He made her lesson fun and exciting, and somehow we're all still alive! She actually did a really good job, and I think she actually went about 50 MPH. When Cheyanne was done Liam said "I WANNA DRIVE!" I just laughed at that, but Bill said, "Come on up here Liam!" Then Bill coached my little 5 year old to drive all by himself! Of coarse after Liam, Ezra had to drive.... And then Mo They all did a good job, and we had a tonne of fun, so it worked out well.

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