Thursday, December 31, 2009


The boys decorated their own tree again this year. As you can see they all liked the same area and that's where all the decorations ended up!
It snowed out here in the Desert! How fun for us!!!
We had our ward Christmas party. Bill and I were Mary and Joseph. Angie's baby girl was baby Jesus. Liam, Ezra and Mosiah were Wise Men.
Santa Came to visit, Mo's not a big fan, but he talked with him so he could have a candy cane.
Obi figured out what candy was, and fell in love with our friend Keo Coles.
We mailed our letters to Santa. (He brought everything we asked for!)
Mo's been working on Potty Training! (yikes! I hate potty training!)
My cute sister Cheyanne.
We had Grandma's Christmas on the 23rd so that she could be there (She had to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas day). This is Sonny and Obi playing with each other after getting a cute piano playing Snoopy from Grandma.
We had our big Turkey dinner and we also had a blast!!!
Obi on Christmas Eve in Nana's HUGE stocking!
Christmas Day: Merry Christmas World. We love you!!!My friend Cambria took her oldest daughter McKenna to Disneyland on her birthday, with her family but decided to leave her baby, Kairi with me. This was on the day after Christmas (boxing day as we Canadians know it) and we ended up driving to California for the day to meet up with my cousin Logan, Aunty Cathy, Grandma and Grandpa. I'm so glad we went, even if we only go to visit for a couple of hours. It was so worth it. Look at this picture, have you ever seen a happier family?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What about November?

Here is a rundown of all that went on in November. But first I wanted to post a picture of Bill and I with our Youth Group here in town. Just cause it's to cute to go unnoticed.
My parents came with Cheyanne for Thanksgiving. We went to Fremont Street and met the Motorbikes from the Motor Bike Ball Cage Thingy. (official name... just kidding)
Aunt Della and Uncle Darryl came to visit. We had fun in Vegas with them.

We got a ton of new costumes after Halloween on super sale and Mo loves to wear different ones at different times. Here are a couple.
We also bought a Halloween Gingerbread House after Halloween, built it, and ate it.