Friday, October 30, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Face Holes

We had an interesting opportunity in homeschooling the other day, and of course I jumped on it (for to reasons, one being to stop the bawling, and the other being... because any opportunity to learn is FUN!) Ezra came out of the bath bleeding, and crying. I'm sure most of us have done this, (I have 3 scars on my lower back... how about you?) Ezra jumped up to quick in the bath and scratched himself pretty bad. I had my camera nearby (as always) and took a picture so he could see it.
Then Mo wanted to show off his battle wound from an encounter with a metal bunk bed frame.
After that I was explaining how we can't normally see our own backs, and that went into... what else can't we see? Well, we can't see our ears...
Ezra wanted me to stick the camera right in his ear and laughed very hard when he saw this!
I then explained that it's way to dark inside your ear to see anything, got his permission to back up a little, and took this picture, which he also laughed really hard about.
We can't see our eyeballs...
We can't see our tonsils...
We can't see our nostrils!!!
- Side note, we were showing Grandma our pictures the other day and she was a little disturbed when she saw the noses. Bill pointed out who each kid was and then asked her on my picture "And who is this?" She thought for a second and answered "Miss Piggy!!!" Thanks Mom!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

MGM, M'n'M and Coke!

Crystal and Darren, my sister and brother in law, came down to Vegas for a little R'n'R, and they invited us to spend a couple of days with them. We spent one whole day just playing. We went out to dinner at a little East Indian Restaurant Buffet, the food was divine, as was the company. After stuffing ourselves to the brim we drove over to the MGM to check out the Lions.
Bill let Liam and Ezra reach up and touch the glass underneath the lion.
Obi, of course, wouldn't even know what to do in that situation, but he was fascinated to see the big cat above him.
After the MGM we headed over to the Coke store...
And then to the M'n'M store...
...where Darren decided to let the boys pick something out that he would pay for. Of course Ezra went for the candy and loaded about 48 pounds of it into his little plastic bag. Liam chose a little m'n'm key chain for $28 dollars. Luckily the m'n'm's were only $9 per pound!!!!
The M'n'M store has 4 floors (or 5 or something ridiculous) and on one of the floors they have a theater where they show their own little M'n'M movie. We decided to see it, and in order to get to it you go through a "ride line" a lot like Disneyland. They had the story of how they make the peanut M and then there was this tunnel...
the whole outside of the tunnel, with the dots on it rotates around this bridge that you walk over. The bridge is not moving, but the spinning of the tunnel some how confuses your brain and makes you think it is. I almost fell several times, and if you look at the lady on the right, she did fall, I had to step over her!!! Okay, that didn't happen, but it was a good story. Anyways, you should check it out, you feel like your going to vomit, and fall over all at the same time!!! On the other side of the bridge we took more pictures, and then watched the movie.
After we were done spending a fortune on chocolate and key chains we headed back over to the MGM, looked at the lions one more time, checked out the Rain Forest Cafe on our way to the bathroom, and headed home. At the rain forest cafe there is this snake, Bill pretended to touch it, and then asked Liam if he wanted to.
Liam of course said he wanted to, but the minute he got near it he had a panic attack, and almost died! Okay, slight exaggeration, but he was scared!
All in all, it was good to see my sister and her awesome husband, and we had a good time. Thanks Auntie Crystal and Uncle Darren!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Family Walk

We try to go for walks often so we can just be together, and enjoy eachothers company. Our walk the other night was a little late, but still fun. I brought our camera this time, the pictures aren't fantastic, due to the light, but that's okay!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ezra and Friend

This was the last kitten that left our home. He missed all his brothers, and so he adopted Ezra into his kitty fold. Ezra was just happy for the warmth.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Obi and Mo

Mosiah wasn't very happy to be "replaced" by a new baby, or to be a "big brother" and it's taking him some time to warm up to his littlest brother. Mostly he'll have nothing to do with him, other than occasionally taking a toy back that Obi is "wrecking", but sometimes he'll give him something he dropped, or bring him something he knows is his. Today though, I caught Mosiah actually playing with his brother, and enjoying himself! It was pretty cute, and Obi had fun too.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Obi's Face

Obadiah has started making this insanely cute face. Check it out... Pretty cute, eh?