Monday, January 26, 2009

Stroller Give Away

There is this drawing for the Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller! Okay, I totally love this stroller! And check out the color, super cool for little boys don't you think? Wish me luck, oh and you can enter to win here.
It's awesome because you can set it up for infants or toddlers (or one on both side...) and you can put your car seat in it. What's not to love, seriously?And look how much space it has underneath, yup, it's the perfect stroller for a mama with a new babe and 3 other boys to boot!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby Boy Peavoy

Welcome to the world the newest Peavoy Boy.....

Obadiah Franklin Peavoy

He was born at 6:01 pm, Saturday, January 17, 2009.
Because of the ease and the beauty of Mosiah's birth I wanted to share this experience with my Mom, and whoever else wanted to be there. Kelly and Vanessa decided to come too and Vanessa even brought Sonnie! It was a very crowded, hands on, wonderful experience! I had my first contraction at 3:50 pm, and was afraid it might be another false labor (like a couple of weeks ago... 24 hours of contractions that were 4 minutes apart!) so I waited awhile before I called anyone. After it got to the point that I was unable to stand or move or even breathe through the contractions I realized it was the real thing, and started calling everyone who was supposed to be there as I was home alone.
Bill arrived shortly after the phone call. Vanessa came to get the other boys, so she could drop them off with Jake, pick up Kelly, and come back for the birth, which she predicted would happen around 8:00ish. Cindy (our awesome midwife) was at a restaurant, and said she would pack it up and be there shortly. She later told us that they had just ordered the meal, and they had to tell the waitress that Cindy had to go deliver a baby, could they put a speed on it? The waitress ran the food out to the car just before they drove away! My Dad called while I was in the middle of a huge contraction so I just yelled, "text Mom, tell her I'm having a baby and she needs to come home now!" and Dad went "OH!! OKAY!" and hung up. Unfortunately Marion was at work, and unable to attend the birth, and we sure missed her!
After Vanessa left with the kids I couldn't even get out of bed anymore, so I just laid there and breathed through the contractions while people started to show up. My mom made it and immediately started making lasagna for everyone! Cindy showed up and saw the shape I was in and instead of doing what she normally does with her tools (I'm really not sure what that is, but it doesn't matter) she gave them all to my mom, told her to throw them in a pot of water, and boil them... To which I replied "Ahhh, so you really do boil water at a birth!"
When Cindy checked me she told me that I could start pushing whenever I wanted to, and that was all well and good, except Kelly and Vanessa weren't there yet. Vanessa ended up calling and Bill said "If you aren't here in 3 minutes you are NOT going to make it." So they jumped in the car right then and started on their way. Meanwhile, back on the bed I'm trying to wait until they get here. I know I can hold a baby in for a least a little while because of our adventures in Mosiah's birth story!
When I finally heard their car pull up I rolled off my side and onto my back and decided to let that baby out! When his head crowned I yelled out "the ring of fire!!!" to the amusement of all involved. After Obi's head came out I was surprised to feel that his body didn't slide right out. I said "Is his head out?" and they all said "Yes..." plus more stuff like, "awww" and "he's so red" and so on, and I'm going "THEN WHY DOES IT FEEL LIKE THERE'S A HEAD RIGHT THERE???" and they go "Oh, you have to push his shoulders out!" Well! I've never had to do that before, so I pushed and out he came. Um, ouch! Those shoulders were a bear! I actually tore delivering his body, but not his head!!!
Anyways, it was a quick labor from start to finish, 2 hours and 11 minutes, and the end result was beautiful.
We let Kelly cut the umbilical cord, and then we all looked at the little cutie. They placed bets on how big he was (anywhere from 8 1/2 to 9 lbs seemed to be the going rate), and then we all ate dinner. Cindy was so hungry! She did share her fries with me, and they were YUMMY!
After we all ate (including little Obi) they did the weight and measurements for Obi.
He weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs 14 oz (that's almost 10 lbs.... WHAT????) and he was 22 inches long. (I would like to point out that he may have been over 10 lbs because he pooped 3 times before they actually weighed him!)
The birthing crew: Cindy (midwife) and Joan (my Mommy)(Sisters in Law) Kelly (cut the cord) and Vanessa (delivered the placenta.... ewww)Cousins!!! Obadiah and Sunny!
Obi and the boys:

If you feel like looking at the Peavoys other birth stories...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby

Well, Bill turned 33 today, and we had a little luncheon to celebrate. Later Bill and I went out for dinner (probably our last alone date before baby gets here), and for a movie. We saw Mall Cop and it was pretty funny. Dinner was fantastic.

The luncheon was amaizing. Vanessa, Mom, and Kelly took care of everything, and I just brought presents for Bill. Vanessa even made a cake! Kelly bought and put up all the decorations. It was so much fun!

Happy birthday Husband!
We love you!
P.S. sorry the baby wasn't born on your day!

"Happy Birt-day Daddy!" (from Mo)

Monday, January 12, 2009


Notice the number of days left on my poll? Well, that's also the number of days left 'til our bundle of joy hits his due date. Anxiously awaiting! 6 to go!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hyper for Bed

The boys got really wound up before bed tonight, and my lil sis asked me what I fed them because I was on the phone with her and they were running up and down the hallway screaming. Well, they didn't have any sugar, but maybe the juice they had was to much. I don't know! Anyways, so I finally told them to calm down, or I'd put them to bed. Of course, they didn't calm down, so I put them to bed (not a mean mom, it really was bed time anyways, I just liked the excuse... tee hee).
After about 3 minutes of them being in their beds I hear the vibrations of little boy head on metal bunk bed rung. So I run into the bedroom, and there's not a sound, that's when I realize the vicitim is doing the silent screaming forgetting to breathe thing. I swear a full minute flew by before his first scream peirced the air. I scooped him up, spanked Liam (not hard, enough to let him know that he was bad), and ran to examine his poor head. The victim is poor Mo-Mo, and he has the bump of all bumps on his forhead. I put the magic bean bag that was in the freezer on his head and took a couple of pictures. Then I kissed him and put him back to bed. He is now sleeping, although the BIG brother is still coming out of his room every 15 minutes claiming he has to pee. I guess I DID give them to much juice!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Mosiah!!!

Well, our "baby" (but not for long) just turned 2, on the 5th of January. We had a little party with the Skinners and the Abbiss'. I made Mo-Mo a cake, and although it's not so pretty it served it's purpose and tasted okay. Mosiah knew it was Batman, and I guess that's all that really matters. He got some cool gifts, his favorites were a batman car and a bouncing Tigger. (At Christmas his favorite gifts were his batman blanket and another Tigger he got.... he may be slightly predictable!)
Mo is such a smarty! His favorite movie is by Leap Frog, and it's called "The Letter Factory". Mo asks to watch it every day (to his dismay I don't let him EVERY day) and he has memorized what each letter of the alphabet says. Don't tell Liam and Ezra this, but Mo actually knows his letters better than they do! For all moms of toddlers or preschoolers I highly recomend this video. We got it at Walmart for about $10.
Anyways, Mosiah is a hoot! We love him so much and he makes us laugh every day! (I love his face in this picture!)

Going for a walk

Vanessa and I both got bike trailers for Christmas. Vanessa also got a bike. Mine needs some work, so neither my bike, or my new trailer are pictured here, but you get the idea. We went for a little walk the other day, and had a blast. Andy and Mo fell asleep in the bike trailer within minutes, and Liam and Ezra were just heavy in the stroller, but somehow we made it. We passed this house that had about 10 chihuahuas in the front yard and they were FREAKING out, it was so cute, and loud, and funny. I can't wait until my bike trailer and bike are ready to join the parade!

New Bikes


On Christmas eve we went over to the Skinners and had a little party with Grandma and all the gifts for and from her. We also had our big dinner and the kids put on the Nativity for us (somehow they convinced me to be Mary, and Kelly was a sheep and a cow...) but I forgot my camera, which is to bad because it was sooooo cute. We made hats for the wise men and Vanessa made a shepherds crook for Ezra, the lone shepherd. Rudy was Joseph, and he wasn't so happy about the size of his Mary! Mosiah loved his crown so much that he chose to wear it all day on Christmas, instead of his Santa hat. The boys got completely hooked up this year in the way of presents, getting everything from bikes, to handheld leapster type game consoles, to real keyblades from my parents, to video games, to light sabers, and the list goes on. Mosiah got a Batman blanket that he is absolutely thrilled with.
The Keyblades:They ended up waking up at 8:30, and then they played with their stockings for about 2 hours before we even got to presents. It was after 12:30 when we finally got done. We also got to have Kelly with us which was fun, especially when we all got to the silly string in our stockings!!!! Ezra ended up stepping in it (how could you not) and he was so grossed out that he threw his can on the ground and yelled "This is GROSS!!!! I'm going to my room!!!" and off he went. (notice him in the back of this picture with string hanging off his foot.) Liam thought it was hilarious and ended up using his whole can before everyone else. (notice the spray coming out at the end of his can. No string left, just air and nastiness)Mosiah got shot with it and freaked out. I don't know if you've ever gotten a face full of silly string, but it's not dry, it's wet and it feels like you're covered in liquid, but it's just strings. Mo was not impressed, and hid behind me until we got it all vacuumed up before continuing to presents. (I love Mo's face in this picture)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bowling at Wulfy's

One of the restaurants here has a bowling ally. It costs $1 to bowl and you get to wear your own shoes, so we let the boys bowl a game. Needless to say, they didn't score a perfect game, but they did have fun. Bill taught them all how to roll the ball down the aisle. At one point there were 5 balls in the gutter at once!!!

Cell Phone

Okay, my camera is found, but it is at Vanessa's house!!! I'm so desperate to get caught up on blogging though, that I've decided to post my pictures from my cell.
These are from our Gingerbread house night at the Skinners house. While we were creating we were visited by the Young Women and Young Men of our ward, who sang us a carol. My phone took so long to take the picture that I got everyone walking away. I've decided I'm not a big fan of cell cams. Each kid made their own house (with a teensy bit of help from an adult). Kelly also built her own mansion, it may have fallen a part a tiny bit, but it was still awesome! Sorry my pics are all slightly blurry, I will hopefully be able to post all my good pictures from my real camera later.