Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Mosiah!!!

Well, our "baby" (but not for long) just turned 2, on the 5th of January. We had a little party with the Skinners and the Abbiss'. I made Mo-Mo a cake, and although it's not so pretty it served it's purpose and tasted okay. Mosiah knew it was Batman, and I guess that's all that really matters. He got some cool gifts, his favorites were a batman car and a bouncing Tigger. (At Christmas his favorite gifts were his batman blanket and another Tigger he got.... he may be slightly predictable!)
Mo is such a smarty! His favorite movie is by Leap Frog, and it's called "The Letter Factory". Mo asks to watch it every day (to his dismay I don't let him EVERY day) and he has memorized what each letter of the alphabet says. Don't tell Liam and Ezra this, but Mo actually knows his letters better than they do! For all moms of toddlers or preschoolers I highly recomend this video. We got it at Walmart for about $10.
Anyways, Mosiah is a hoot! We love him so much and he makes us laugh every day! (I love his face in this picture!)


  1. Happy Birthday Mosiah!!!! :)
    looks like you guys had lots of fun! the cake looks delish!!

  2. Glad he had a good day. Your cake looks yummy to me :)