Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cell Phone

Okay, my camera is found, but it is at Vanessa's house!!! I'm so desperate to get caught up on blogging though, that I've decided to post my pictures from my cell.
These are from our Gingerbread house night at the Skinners house. While we were creating we were visited by the Young Women and Young Men of our ward, who sang us a carol. My phone took so long to take the picture that I got everyone walking away. I've decided I'm not a big fan of cell cams. Each kid made their own house (with a teensy bit of help from an adult). Kelly also built her own mansion, it may have fallen a part a tiny bit, but it was still awesome! Sorry my pics are all slightly blurry, I will hopefully be able to post all my good pictures from my real camera later.

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  1. I LOVE making gingerbread houses!! Derick's wife Megan brought the tradition of making gingerbread houses every year at Christmas time with her. It is now something I look forward to every year,