Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hyper for Bed

The boys got really wound up before bed tonight, and my lil sis asked me what I fed them because I was on the phone with her and they were running up and down the hallway screaming. Well, they didn't have any sugar, but maybe the juice they had was to much. I don't know! Anyways, so I finally told them to calm down, or I'd put them to bed. Of course, they didn't calm down, so I put them to bed (not a mean mom, it really was bed time anyways, I just liked the excuse... tee hee).
After about 3 minutes of them being in their beds I hear the vibrations of little boy head on metal bunk bed rung. So I run into the bedroom, and there's not a sound, that's when I realize the vicitim is doing the silent screaming forgetting to breathe thing. I swear a full minute flew by before his first scream peirced the air. I scooped him up, spanked Liam (not hard, enough to let him know that he was bad), and ran to examine his poor head. The victim is poor Mo-Mo, and he has the bump of all bumps on his forhead. I put the magic bean bag that was in the freezer on his head and took a couple of pictures. Then I kissed him and put him back to bed. He is now sleeping, although the BIG brother is still coming out of his room every 15 minutes claiming he has to pee. I guess I DID give them to much juice!!!


  1. haha! that is so funny sophie was soooo hyper before bed tonight too. it took me a lot longer than usual to settle her down. poor little mo. i still can't believe you have 3, almost 4 kids. i dont know how yuou do it and you are such a good mom. i really admire you. anyway i have my baby scheduled to come on the 27th. i have to have another c-section so it's planned unless i go into labor earlier. i really hope you have your baby soon.. but i especially hope that your midwife makes it. if not, i guess your husband knows what he's doing. good luck and we will most definately be getting our kids together next christmas! i can't wait!!

  2. Poor thing!!! I like the magic bean bag thing, I might have to make one, I just usually use peas. Oh and no the organic popcorn didn't taste any different! lol! Rip off!

  3. Don't you just love hyper kids before bed ;)

    Poor Mo, that is quite teh goosegg. Thank goodness for magic bags.

  4. Oh kids always keep things exciting don't they?! ;-) That bump looks like a whopper--poor guy!