Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Claus 2008

Bill and I were kind of sad because Santa just didn't seem to be in town at the same time we were, so we didn't get Santa pictures this year... but then we were driving down the road and we saw a huge sign at one of the model home places saying "Santa is here NOW!" So we pulled in.

It turns out Santa really was there, and there was some fun stuff set up for us to do as well. When we walked in they handed us popcorn, cotton candy, hot chocolate, and a map. The map was for the 8 houses that they wanted us to go and look at, judge the Christmas decorations, and let them know who you thought should win.. "and" they told us "Santa is in one of those houses!" Santa was in the first house, and I'm pretty sure he was the real deal. This was not one of Santa's helpers, this was Santa himself, down from the north pole, with Mrs. Claus, and an elf and a photographer. Because we were within the first 50 people who visited him we got free pictures, developed while you waited. These were the nicest people we've ever met, and I got all teary eyed when we left, because I was touched with how they treated us. Here are our Santa pictures!

Busy busy busy

From the amount I've been posting you would tend to think that nothing exciting has been going on in the Peavoy home, but it's just the opposite! We've been super busy and I haven't even seen the computer room, never mind the computer, since my last post about my sexy foam spraying husband! So here's a quick update with 3 million pictures!

The last time we got ice cream was about this time of year, and so we decided to make it a new tradition. This year Auntie Kelly came with us, which was a tonne of fun for all of us! Thanks for coming Kelly!!!Liam got a one scoop (which is actually two scoops... I know confusing) waffle cone with birthday cake flavor and playdough flavour.Ezra got a bowl with playdough flavour. The funny thing is, it actually tastes exactly like the name brand playdough smells. Eeeeew! (Ezra loved it.)
Mo Mo got a kids cone with playdough flavour. It was the prettiest flavour so all the boys wanted it. I used to get neopolatin every time because it had strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla, I guess it's kind of the same thing.
Kelly loved hers so much that it was gone befoe I could whip out my camera!

For those of you who still wonder if our cats get along here's a picture I caught one night when I came into my bedroom...
They were sleeping, but I woke them up with all the flashing and petting.

Last year we mailed our letters to Santa at night, this year we got there in the morning to mail some packages too. Ezra was not impressed with the amount of sunlight entering his eyeballs for the pictures.

As you may have seen in some of the other posts from the girls around here we actually got snow, and not just a tiny dusting, but a good few inches that stuck. It was mostly melted by the end of the second day, but it's been about a week, and we still have snow on the least sunny side of our house! The boys were so excited! When Liam woke up on day number two and saw that there was way more snow then the day before he was so excited, and he said "I think our house moved to Canada over night!" Then he really looked around and discovered we still had our own backyard and he said "Or maybe [our town] is just turning into Canada!"

This is day one:

Day two: (notice the difference in both our choice of clothing, and the amount of snow)
Just a taste! After Liam tasted it on his tounge he couldn't stop eating (and neither could I!)Notice the bags on Liams feet below. Our "day two" outfits consisted of: A pair of socks, then a pair of walmart bags, and then another pair of socks on top of that, with runners.... no boots in the desert, 2 pairs of pants. A t-shirts, a long sleeved t-shirt, a hoodie, and the heaviest coats we could find. Mo was missing the top coat because he doesn't have one. Liam and Ezra both wore gloves. Mo didn't, but I held him most of the time and he didn't get to cold.We went to a little Christmas market where they were selling all sorts of stuff Christmasy (and some not) and there was a clown there. She made the boys balloon animals, which they loved. Liam got a cat like Sora, Ezra got a dog like Party, and Mo got a Tiger like Tigger.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My foam spraying Hottie

Bill is learning all about the foam business this week (which he is already in, but new pointers never hurt). He sent me these awesome pictures of himself.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


We took Bill to the airport today for a short trip, and ended up having to run some errands as well. We stopped at a mall to do one of these errands and I let the boys run around the play place for a bit and then we went to get lunch at the food court. If you notice in Mo's picture he's holding a stuffed Tiger, that's what this post is all about.

(Also, take note of Liam and Ezra in the chimney, they are pretending to be Santa. Liam is even saying "Ho, Ho, Ho!")
After lunch we ran to the bathroom, and then headed out to the car to go home, by the way, it was a long weary walk through the mall as we were all operating on very little sleep, and we were so tired. Once we got to the car I loaded up the stroller, and the boys and then I realized that Tiger (aka. Kitty) was missing. Uh oh! I quickly unloaded the boys (but not the stroller) and we started to frantically retrace our steps throughout the whole mall. After almost finishing, and ending in the bathroom, the last place we went I was ready to give up. We started trudging sadly back to the car, and I happened to glance over at the Sbarro pizza place, and there, on top of their sneeze glass (the window between us and the food) was Kitty. I almost started bawling I was so happy. I practically kissed the old man who found him. I ran up and grabbed the stupid thing, and started gushing about how wonderful the man was, and thank you so much, and "You just saved Christmas!!!" (I don't know where that came from, but he had a good laugh over it). When I told Mo to say "thank you" to the lovely, lifesaving, wonderful man mo looked at his tiger and said "Kitty, meow, thank you!" to which the man had another good chuckle, and we left on our way. I'm pretty sure that man thinks he met the weirdest family on the planet. lol. Anyways, it turned out to be a good day, all my Vegas errands are done, and I am so ready for bed! G'night!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


So, we are, as I mentioned earlier, without water again, although the problem is being remedied.... I hope. I was in desperate need of a bath last night and had to resort to boiling six pots of water just to get my bath to a bareable temperature!!! Buuuuuuut, it was worth it, don't worry!
We also got our stockings up today, and they look so cute! I can't wait to add the baby's next year!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Potato Heads and Nativities

Well, today was more productive (kid wise) than yesterday. We got our beautiful Nativity set up (it's the one from Willow Tree). I explained the whole Christmas story to Liam, and I think this is the year that he is actually understanding and grasping it, well.... maybe not... he's really fascinated with the wise men and their presents, but he didn't really comment on the fact that Jesus is sleeping in cow food in a cow house... hmmm.
Anyways, we also decorated our potato heads, just for fun. The kids had a blast picking out things for me to stick in them, they thought it was hilarious. They say the one with the mustache is Papa and the one with the Santa hat is Daddy. They didn't give the girl an identity, I guess I'm just glad it's not me!!!
We also remembered to eat our chocolate (three pieces each, yikes!!!) and read our books, four in total. One about Hewey, Dewey and Lewey, one was the Christmas Carols which we sang, one about a Daddy that was to busy to play with his son and Santa who was to busy to play with his reindeer, and then of course it had a happy ending, and one about a magical snowman... not Frosty though.
Anyways, the children are nestled all snug in their beds with visions of Burger King dancing in their heads, dad's in the car and the cat's in my lap, and I'm about to settle down for a 30 minute nap.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


It looks like tomorrow is going to be a big, chocolate overdosed day for my kids. They're in bed and we didn't get to do books or chocolate again!!! Aaaargh!!!! It was a pretty laid back day. Our hot water is out (again) and Kelly offered to let me shower over at the Skinners house, where she's living, while she watched the kids. She took them to the park and I had an hour or so to just relax, it was so lovely.
These snowmen are our kids favorite decorations. All three of them sing (the biggest one is SUPER LOUD).
Hopefully our day will be more productive tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Bubble?

Well, after practicing for a week with Uncle Troy Liam finally did it. Yes folks, he made his first bubble gum bubble!!! Look how serious he is! Yeah for Liam!!!!
Bill took us to a new All American Diner for dinner tonight, and we all had fabulous food. Ezra, Mo and I came home in one car, and Liam and Daddy went to feed our friend Brians animals, as he is out of town, and by the time they got home it was way past bed time and to late for chocolate and books, so tomorrow we will get a double dose.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Golf

This new put put golf place came to town recently and we decided to check it out. It was a tonne of fun! We got to go with Nana and Troy, and our cousin Rudy came too. I was horrible, I mean absolutely horrrible (but I always am). I didn't even ask Bill his score because I was too afraid he'd ask mine!!! The boys did well for their first time, although I think hockey is more up their ally from the way they were smacking the balls across the room!

After golf we went to My Thai for dinner, and as always it was the best in town. We came home and got jammies on, opened up #2 on our calendars filled with chocolate, and then we opened up two more Christmas stories. One was called Santa's Toy Shop, and Troy read that one. Nana read the other one which was the carol "Deck the Halls" in story form. The boys loved the Fa la la la la part... of course.

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well, December has finally arrived, and with it came my Mother and my Brother Troy, and Remy the Rattatouille Rat x 3. (They arrived just before Thanksgiving actually, which for some reason I don't seem to have any Thanksgiving pictures... hmmm? It was lovely anyways, best dinner I've had in a LONG time.)

SO today we went out to the storage unit, dragged all the Christmas boxes inside and started setting up Christmas. We got our tree and our snowmen up so far. We also opened up our chocolate advent calendars and had our first chocolate.

After bath time we started our new tradition, which is opening up a book or two every night (they're wrapped in paper) and reading the stories. Tonight we got two, one about Christmas cookies, and the other about snowmen and how they orginated. Very cute. Nana read the cookie book, and Daddy read the Snowman book.