Friday, July 29, 2011

Arlene, Neil and Mattea Visit: Part 2

More Waterton! My favorite part of Waterton is always feeding these little dudes. There's about 10 billion of them, and although they act shy at first, they usually warm right up to you, but don't get to comfortable, they do bite, right Mattea?

This guy was trying to get a picture but the little things kept running away, so we started chucking bread at him and he got swarmed! It was pretty hilarious.

You can't leave Waterton without putting your feet in the water. They didn't last too long, it is sooooooo cold!

We visited the Card Home in Cardston and the Courthouse Museum and Jail as well!

What a great visit! We can't wait to see you guys for Liam's baptism!!!
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Arlene, Neil and Mattea Visit: Part 1

Relaxing at Lee's Creek - Cahoon Crossing. What a beautiful, HOT, day!

Ezra's cool rock find of the day!

Brutus, play dead!

Grandma Arlene got a little toasty!

Papa gets the boat afloat.... but that's about all...

Stuck in the mud

Pizza Hut with Arlene's brother, my Uncle John! I can't wait to meet his sons!

Ezra was sad that he didn't get to be in the picture with Uncle John.

Cool Baby!


The Bear!!!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy 19th Birthday Cheyanne!

The birthday girl with her Daddy-O!

Uncle Calvin with Mo and Obi, teaching that Seagull a thing, or two.

Happy birthday Auntie Cheyanne!!! I got you 10 toes!!!
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The end.... of our trip.

We had an incredble trip. We visited more states then I've been in in my whole life.

We saw this huge moth after entering Montana. Yikes. It's pretty cool though!

One of the hotels we stayed at was pretty cool. The pool was amazing.

We are home now, and happy to be so, even though we were spoiled rotten in London. Thanks to the Skinners and the Reeves and of course the Peavoys! Love you all!
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Mount Rushmore

Welcome to Mt. Rushmore. I've been looking forward to this day since before we even left on this trip! I came here when I was almost 2 and I have some cute pictures, so my goal was to get cute pictures of the boys. Unfortunatly, this first one was the cutest one I got of Liam. He was in a fowl mood. He was happy later when we went for pizza too.

Look at that face!

Cute family eh?

Papa Johns! Oh, if only I could eat it. I'm still on my candida diet. Doing good though. Hyrum says: Where's mine?
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


On our way back to Canada we stopped in Nauvoo. So far we had seen where Joseph Smith had grown up, and where he met our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ in the grove. We found where he printed the book of Mormon and restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And, we met the current living prophet of today! In Nauvoo we saw the new temple, went to Carthridge Jail where Joseph Smith was martyred, experienced the Historic Nauvoo and were greatly touched by the spirit.

When we first pulled in to park a tour was coming on a horse drawn carriage. When it was right in front of us I realized that the man closest to us on the front of the wagon is from my home town in Leavitt! He is serving a mission with his wife in Nauvoo! It was so cool to see him!!!

At the Smith Family cemetary.

Walking around the town of Nauvoo.

At Carthridge Jail.

They had an old time fair before the Nauvoo pagent. It was so fun! The boys learned to play marbles, walk on stilts, dance to bag pipes, brand (on wood, not cows), have pototo sack races, and so much more!There was even a puppet show where everyone got to take home their own sock puppet!

Obi slept through the whole fair and the pagent so we don't have any pictures of him. Bummer.

They built a temple in the pagent, and then at the end of the pagent they lit up the real temple. It was so powerful and beautiful!

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