Tuesday, July 12, 2011


On our way back to Canada we stopped in Nauvoo. So far we had seen where Joseph Smith had grown up, and where he met our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ in the grove. We found where he printed the book of Mormon and restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And, we met the current living prophet of today! In Nauvoo we saw the new temple, went to Carthridge Jail where Joseph Smith was martyred, experienced the Historic Nauvoo and were greatly touched by the spirit.

When we first pulled in to park a tour was coming on a horse drawn carriage. When it was right in front of us I realized that the man closest to us on the front of the wagon is from my home town in Leavitt! He is serving a mission with his wife in Nauvoo! It was so cool to see him!!!

At the Smith Family cemetary.

Walking around the town of Nauvoo.

At Carthridge Jail.

They had an old time fair before the Nauvoo pagent. It was so fun! The boys learned to play marbles, walk on stilts, dance to bag pipes, brand (on wood, not cows), have pototo sack races, and so much more!There was even a puppet show where everyone got to take home their own sock puppet!

Obi slept through the whole fair and the pagent so we don't have any pictures of him. Bummer.

They built a temple in the pagent, and then at the end of the pagent they lit up the real temple. It was so powerful and beautiful!

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