Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day

We had an amazing Canada day on the beach at one of the Great Lakes, with a beautiful flag blowing in the breeze the whole time. We got some amazing pictures of our whole group with it, but unfortunately, the disc I got of those pictures doesn't work in any computer! Bummer.
We started our day off with some cute family pictures in front of a little church. Later our family got some done at the lake as well, but those pictures are on the same disc that doesn't work! The only pictures I have are these cuties here.
John saw this sign and was flattered that the Church of God thought enough of him to make a sign just for him. "God gave himself to you, and for you John! At 3:16. He noticed we were an hour early for the message, but that was okay.
John Peavoy's grand kids.
Bill called me and then took this picture. I don't know what's up with this face!
We didn't have a hat at the beach, so we made one. He thought he was cute.
Mo was in the water the whole time, and yet the only picture I have of him is of him sitting cuddled up in a towel. Oh well. I promise he had fun!
Obi trying to get his gun to work.
I love the look on Liam's face. I think he's about to attack me. Yikes.
Classic Ezra, carrying around some dead beach creature. Yuck!
Hyrum learning how to sit. Hopefully he'll master it soon!
Fireworks and sparklers!
Hyrum loving the fireworks.
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