Monday, June 29, 2009

Speaking of freeeeeeeee...

Teribbles Prim Valley Resorts, Buffalo Bills Casino, is sponsering a free vacation for all nevada residents. Check it out here. Click the freecation button.
Here's what you get!!!

Your FREECATION Includes:
2 FREE nights stay
2 FREE All day attraction passes
$50 in FREE slot play
2 FREE drinks at the Tree Bar
2 for 1 Breakfast Buffet
2 for 1 Lunch Buffet
2 for 1 Dinner Buffet
2 for 1 Golf
Complimentary appetizer at GP’s Steakhouse

Vanessa and I are going! Call us to find out when if you want to join us!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Free stuff? Oh ya!

I was over at Made by the Mama Monsters blog and she has all the links to cool free stuff on her page right now, so I decided to fill you in!

Check out Gliddens free paint giveaway. It is so easy! I did it, now you do it! Oh, I just checked this link out again, and they ran out of free paint samples. Now they have a $5 rebate on any can you purchase! Sorry guys!

Here's a coupon for Einstein Bros Bagles!

And who doesn't love Jamba Juice. Why don't you buy one and get one free?


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And the WINNER is....

1st Place - Crystal Walburger
2nd Place - Vanessa Skinner

Congrats you two! Send me your addresses and I will make sure your stuff gets sent to you!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friend Day Out Disney Trip

Well, my good friend Cambria found out that you can go to Disneyland for FREE on your birthday and decided to take advantage of the offer, so she invited.... ME! I love Disneyland so I accepted without even talking to my Hubalicious first, but he's the awesomest and he agreed to watch the boys while I went with Obi and Cambria. Then my awesome Mom (aka. Nana) offered to come with us so she could watch Obi!
She brought along my awesome Aunt (really she's a cousin but she so earned the title of Aunt a long time ago) Dixie, and my Dad (aka. Papa). The 6 of us drove up and we ended up meeting up with a sister from my ward, Cathy, along with her sister, Gretchen, and cousin, Vanessa. I love Splash Mountain!!! I got super soaked, but I didn't mind at all!

It was so much fun to go without the kids (although I find it equally fun with my kids) and we had a blast! I bought Cambria a birthday tiara and my Mom bought her Birthday style Mickey Ears, and she wore both and looked super cute!

At the end of the day we were feeling really tired, and super silly. We wanted to do the Nemo subs but the line was so long, so we asked the line workers (cast members) if they had fast passes and they said no. After chatting with them a little bit about what time would be best to come back the guy disappeared and told us to wait. The girl told us that she thought some birthday magic was taking place, and after a comment about pixie dust and magic in the air the guy showed up again and took us right to the front of the line. No waiting necessary!!! Thanks dude! Cambria and I gave him a huge hug after we got off, and it was all awkward and silly, but we still had a blast!

SILLY STORY: After Nemo we decided to hit Space Mountain! And this is where the magic happened! My Dad and Dixie sat in the front, with Cambria and I right behind. We did the whole ride, screaming the whole way, and right at the end, before they take your picture I felt some water or something fall in my mouth. I was a little disgusted, not knowing what it was, and so I quickly convinced myself that it was just condensation falling from the ceiling, and got over it... although I could still feel it on my tongue...

After we got off the ride we were all kind of wobbly and tired and lagging behind a little, and then Dixie said "I was so scared, and screaming so loud! I had like, this spit, on my face, and I couldn't let go to wipe it off so I felt it go flying off my face...

Immediately the light bulb goes on above my head, and I fall over both from laughing, and shock as I realize that it was her SPIT that landed in my mouth. After I could speak again I told everybody the story of how something landed in my mouth and we all about died laughing. Dixie almost peed her pants! So, we finally make our way out of the ride in time to catch our ride picture and this is what we see...
Can you see the disgusted look on my face, like something landed IN MY MOUTH!?!?! I normally don't buy these pictures, but we had to get this one, because this time I did die laughing, and Dixie did pee her pants!!! Okay, neither of those things happened, but it would have been really funny if they had. Also, notice the two in the back, they probably got showered with spit and didn't even know it!
After that high point, we decided nothing would top it, and we went back to the hotel (okay, it was midnight and the park was closing...)
Thank you everybody for an awesome time!

I made this cute shirt

I wear it with a white t-shirt, my next one will have sleeves. I just wanted to show it off in its natural beauty! For the awesome tutorial on how to make it yourself click here.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My first REAL giveaway

My hubbalicious has been volunteering a lot of his time lately to help get LEEIN.evada up and running. In their own words: "Our mission at LEEIN.evada is to help Nevadans understand what government programs are available to them to reduce their energy use and ultimately lower their utility bills." LEEIN.evada has created a little "Going Green" prize for two lucky winners. The prizes can help you on your way to going green, as well as saving you a little extra cash that would go to your energy bill! You do not have to be a "Nevadan" to win, you can be an Arizonian, a Canadian, a Utahin, or a Whateveryouwantin and you can still win!!!

The first prize consists of Dryer balls, "Skip the fabric softener sheets and cut your drying time by 25% by throwing two of these reusable dryer balls into your dryer every time you run it. It’s that simple! - earth aid kit" and Tide Coldwater, "As much as 85 percent of the energy used to machine-wash clothes goes to heating the water. - worldwatch" Update: I was just contacted by LEEIN.evada and they wanted me to add a Vacation Certificate to the prizes. The certificate is good for free hotel rooms in one of 16 vacation spots! They have several of these to give out, so obviously the first and second prize winners will recieve one, and then we may have a couple more winners as well!

The second prize consists of a pack of clothespins, (obviously you will use much less energy if you hang your clothes to dry.) and a reusable water bottle, "Americans send about 38 billion plastic water bottles a year to landfills. - Biggest Loser"

For a chance to win this giveaway you must:

- Pop on over to, and browse their website. After doing that go to their blog and leave a comment on what you think of the website. You can comment on anything from what you think of the layout of the site, how easy (or hard) it was to navigate through the pages, how easy (or again how hard) it was to understand the points they are trying to make, or just on what you think in general.

- For 10 extra entries you can blog about this giveaway. Be sure to include links to (Please let them know in your comment that you blogged about it, and give them a link to the post so that they can check it out!)

- For 5 extra entries put the link on your sidebar so everyone can learn about them! (Please let them know in your comment that you linked them, and give them a link to your blog so they can check it out!)

We will draw the winner on June 15.