Monday, June 1, 2009

My first REAL giveaway

My hubbalicious has been volunteering a lot of his time lately to help get LEEIN.evada up and running. In their own words: "Our mission at LEEIN.evada is to help Nevadans understand what government programs are available to them to reduce their energy use and ultimately lower their utility bills." LEEIN.evada has created a little "Going Green" prize for two lucky winners. The prizes can help you on your way to going green, as well as saving you a little extra cash that would go to your energy bill! You do not have to be a "Nevadan" to win, you can be an Arizonian, a Canadian, a Utahin, or a Whateveryouwantin and you can still win!!!

The first prize consists of Dryer balls, "Skip the fabric softener sheets and cut your drying time by 25% by throwing two of these reusable dryer balls into your dryer every time you run it. It’s that simple! - earth aid kit" and Tide Coldwater, "As much as 85 percent of the energy used to machine-wash clothes goes to heating the water. - worldwatch" Update: I was just contacted by LEEIN.evada and they wanted me to add a Vacation Certificate to the prizes. The certificate is good for free hotel rooms in one of 16 vacation spots! They have several of these to give out, so obviously the first and second prize winners will recieve one, and then we may have a couple more winners as well!

The second prize consists of a pack of clothespins, (obviously you will use much less energy if you hang your clothes to dry.) and a reusable water bottle, "Americans send about 38 billion plastic water bottles a year to landfills. - Biggest Loser"

For a chance to win this giveaway you must:

- Pop on over to, and browse their website. After doing that go to their blog and leave a comment on what you think of the website. You can comment on anything from what you think of the layout of the site, how easy (or hard) it was to navigate through the pages, how easy (or again how hard) it was to understand the points they are trying to make, or just on what you think in general.

- For 10 extra entries you can blog about this giveaway. Be sure to include links to (Please let them know in your comment that you blogged about it, and give them a link to the post so that they can check it out!)

- For 5 extra entries put the link on your sidebar so everyone can learn about them! (Please let them know in your comment that you linked them, and give them a link to your blog so they can check it out!)

We will draw the winner on June 15.


  1. I will have to do this tomorrow when I have time to really enjoy the site and its info. I am sure there will be something useful for even me to know.

  2. Watch....knowing my luck, because my blog address has changed (long story!) I will win and miss out. :(

  3. lol! Don't worry, I will make sure I contact you if you win. I'm keeping close watch!