Saturday, February 28, 2009


The other day I shut down Liam and Ezra's homeschooling blogs and put the posts on this blog simply because I don't post enough on the individual blogs. When you close down a blog you lose everything, so I was very careful to write down in a word document all the cute quotes from the kids and all the homeschooling type links from the sidebars. Not thinking I just left the document open that night and went to bed... I forgot to save it. I came back the next morning to find a blank screen with just a little window open that said something about an error, so I rebooted the computer. I didn't even realize there was a problem until about half an hour ago. I went to find the document and it is no where. Usually when my computer dies word will save the document open, but this time no such luck.
My heart is so broken, and I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my face. I know it probably sounds silly to you, but sometimes it's just the little things like easy access to school stuff and cute quotes from your children that make you happy.

I try to post about positive things, but I learned a lesson today, and I just wanted to share that lesson with you and myself. Save your stuff before you go to bed.

Okay, I'm gonna go make some hot chocolate and watch a comedy or something.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I is like Superman Mom!!!

I was taking a shower while the two older boys were napping today, and Mo was watching Toy Story. After my shower I was drying off and Mo came into my bedroom and stuck his hands underneath the bathroom door. I wasn't worried about him barging in on me, because he's still just a little to little to open doors with regular doorknobs... or so I thought. After we played the "see my hands Mom?" - "Yes, I see your hands Mo" game for about 5 minutes he stood up and started fiddeling with the door. To my shock and suprise (and Mo's) the door opened and I said "Wow Mo!!! You did it! You are so strong!!!" to which he replied "Yeah! I is like Superman Mom!!!"
These pictures are of him opening his bedroom door later to show his brothers how strong he is.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Okay, so back in the day you could click on all my pictures to make them bigger (on the blog), but now it's just not working! It started randomly, for example, this post here. If you click on Mo or Liam's pictures they get big, if you click Ezra's nothing happens.

The two cake pictures are from Obi's baby shower on Saturday. Made by my good buddy Cambria. I posted them for two reasons: 1. because this is a blog, that's what I do. and 2. to see if you can click and make them big.

And then I changed the setting on my camera and posted this picture to see if that fixed it. If it did, then yeah! (I guess). If not then I really need help! Does anyone know why my pictures are being ridiculous?
I uploaded Obi's pictures (a couple posts ago - the one with the preschool pics) from my computer, not my camera and you can't click on them either. Could it be Picasa that is screwing me over? I seriously need help!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Ezra!!!

These pictures were taken the day after Ezra's birth, which is February 11, 2005. Liam was so happy to see his new baby brother, and wanted the world to know that it was his baby.
Now, four years later they are still best friends. Happy Birthday Ezra!!!!
The Royal Birthday Chair:The royal birthday ribbon:
Rudy made this special chocolate rice kripsie treat just for Ezra. How sweet!

This has to be the best "surprise" face I have ever seen!Ezra asked for a green spider cake this year, instead of a blue one. Instead we made a green crab, and he was even happier with that!Happy Birthday Ezra. Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know!

This is me, explaining to Mosiah why he couldn't open the presents. He was very upset, but got over it when Ezra let him hold one of his already opened presents. What a nice big brother.

Hearse Day

Bill and I were asked by some friends of ours to drive a couple of their hearses into Las Vegas for a Cadillac car show. Little did we know... the mountain was not only covered in snow on the way in, but it was also being dumped on as we drove over. Luckily we've all had experience driving in the crazy stuff! I wanted to get way more pictures but it was freezing, so this is all I've got. Bryan and Dusty drove Mr. Frost, Robyn drove Reaper, I drove C O T C (Car of the coffin) and Bill drove Doom. (Those are the names of the cars by the way). Obi came with us, and we made him a little outfit and car seat cover to go with his hearse. He was the life (death?) of the party.

This last picture is not of a hearse (obviously) but it was the winner of a lot of awards at the car show!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Preschool and Obi

Our preschool group had a photo shoot 5 days after Obadiah was born, and the photographer happens to be a friend of mine, so she let me do nakey pics of little Obi. I found out when I showed up in my pajamas with no bra and no makeup that the "teachers" (aka. Moms) were supposed to get their photo's taken too... hence the akward sweater picture. My midwife says I look like a 14 year old girl in the picture... actually, she didn't even say girl, maybe I look like a 14 year old boy?!? LOL.
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