Thursday, February 19, 2009

I is like Superman Mom!!!

I was taking a shower while the two older boys were napping today, and Mo was watching Toy Story. After my shower I was drying off and Mo came into my bedroom and stuck his hands underneath the bathroom door. I wasn't worried about him barging in on me, because he's still just a little to little to open doors with regular doorknobs... or so I thought. After we played the "see my hands Mom?" - "Yes, I see your hands Mo" game for about 5 minutes he stood up and started fiddeling with the door. To my shock and suprise (and Mo's) the door opened and I said "Wow Mo!!! You did it! You are so strong!!!" to which he replied "Yeah! I is like Superman Mom!!!"
These pictures are of him opening his bedroom door later to show his brothers how strong he is.

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