Saturday, February 28, 2009


The other day I shut down Liam and Ezra's homeschooling blogs and put the posts on this blog simply because I don't post enough on the individual blogs. When you close down a blog you lose everything, so I was very careful to write down in a word document all the cute quotes from the kids and all the homeschooling type links from the sidebars. Not thinking I just left the document open that night and went to bed... I forgot to save it. I came back the next morning to find a blank screen with just a little window open that said something about an error, so I rebooted the computer. I didn't even realize there was a problem until about half an hour ago. I went to find the document and it is no where. Usually when my computer dies word will save the document open, but this time no such luck.
My heart is so broken, and I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my face. I know it probably sounds silly to you, but sometimes it's just the little things like easy access to school stuff and cute quotes from your children that make you happy.

I try to post about positive things, but I learned a lesson today, and I just wanted to share that lesson with you and myself. Save your stuff before you go to bed.

Okay, I'm gonna go make some hot chocolate and watch a comedy or something.


  1. Oh, Kym, it is about the little things that make our hearts beat. If I could help in any way I would. I hope at least something can be saved. If not, you will always have the memories in your heart. Love ya.

  2. I'm sooo sorry Kym!!! I had to learn the hard way about backing things up too. I lost a least a years worth of pictures and scrapbook pages. But now I have an external hard drive where I save all those things. Sorry that you had to learn this really upsetting lesson too. :(

  3. honestly my heart broke too as I was reading this post. AHHHH! I am soo sorry. You deserve to drink or eat as much choclate as you want.

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry that happened!! I would be so upset too. =( I have a terrible memory, so I have to write things down if I want to remember them. So sorry--I feel for you! =(