Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Okay, so back in the day you could click on all my pictures to make them bigger (on the blog), but now it's just not working! It started randomly, for example, this post here. If you click on Mo or Liam's pictures they get big, if you click Ezra's nothing happens.

The two cake pictures are from Obi's baby shower on Saturday. Made by my good buddy Cambria. I posted them for two reasons: 1. because this is a blog, that's what I do. and 2. to see if you can click and make them big.

And then I changed the setting on my camera and posted this picture to see if that fixed it. If it did, then yeah! (I guess). If not then I really need help! Does anyone know why my pictures are being ridiculous?
I uploaded Obi's pictures (a couple posts ago - the one with the preschool pics) from my computer, not my camera and you can't click on them either. Could it be Picasa that is screwing me over? I seriously need help!!!


  1. Okay, none of them work. Somebody help me please!!!

  2. have youchanged any setting on your blog recently?

  3. Sorry...I don't have any answers. I just wanted to say what an adorable cake that is! Sorry I couldn't make it to your shower, Doug had a meeting at the last minute at the exact same time and I couldn't get a sitter. I hope that lots of people came though and you had a great shower. Good luck with your picture problem. Maybe if you googled the problem, you might get an answer.