Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We went up for our monthly Edmonton trip just after Crystal had her darling baby Saje. We left Friday morning and got to their house late Friday night. She is such a darling baby and Crystal just loves her!

We stayed with Neil, Arlene and Mattea and the kids were loud and rambuncsious in their 2 bedroom house, not a lot of sleep was had by all! On Saturday Bill had a confrence and Cheyanne, Mattea, the boys and I all went to the mall. We visited the Marine Life exhibit and watched all the seal shows. Each one was different, and so fun. This pictue is of Ezra and the fat African Toad. He's saying "Fat Frog".

This is Obi and some random little girl. They are waiting for the sting rays to come so they can pet them. The sting rays were super cute and soooo friendly. I could totally keep one as a pet!

Mattea watched Hyrum while the rest of as had a go on the bumper boats. Cheyanne and I got SOAKED by Liam, but it was super fun.

Cheyanne and Mattea on Ropes Quest.

Neil and his awesome bike that he got for Fathers Day.

On the second day in Edmonton we stuck around Arlene's house and went to the park with them, Bill was in his conference and then we had a delicious dinner. The third day we went to the waterpark. The Waterpark was fun, but the kid park was closed and only 3 slides were open, so we didn't stay all day. Cheyanne ended up getting picked up by Mom and staying the rest of the week with her at Crystal's house, so she really got to bond with Saje and play with Tristan.

This is right in front of where they do the Sea Lion show. We had lunch here on both days.
Bill, Liam, Obi and Mo at the Sea Lion show.

Ezra, Liam and Mommy at the Sea Lion show.

Liam got chosen on the last day of our trip at the last show to throw a frisbee to Pablo the Sea Lion. It was really fun (and scary) for him.

The bridge.

We also played mini golf, went do Galaxy land and had Olive Garden for dinner. We didn't get home until 3 in the morning!
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Fun

Obi and Mo have really taken to the cats, and for some reason the cats seem okay with it! This is Obi and Daisy.
We went to a really cool home school party at the Burton's house. It was super fun, we played a lot of games inside., and we made "friendship Soup". Shaina Sala painted faces. Mo got a spider but it washed off before I could catch a picture.
We went to the park again and did some shopping as well. I've fallen in love with Costco Poutine. Yummmmm!

My other babies used to do this too, but with big bouncey balls. It's cute because this is the ball he migrates too every time, and he can breathe through it. It's pretty cute.

Our Halloween decorations are very home made this year, but super fun!

They rode around on this thing for quite a while, look at Hyrums chubby hands holding on for dear life!

Ezra is very creative and artistic. He will sit for hours and sculpt or draw or paint, or whatever. Today he made this dice, I was super impressed because he made it by himself and all the dots are in the right spots. Super cool!

Poor Liam got stung by a wasp! It climbed into his shirt and got angry. He freaked out pretty bad. I went to kill the wasp and his bottom was ripped off, I figured I'd let nature do it's thing. I ended up having to pull the stinger out, but I did wait until it wasn't so tender. Cheyanne had some Afterbite, so I put some on and that at least calmed him down. Poor kid has been stung more than anyone in our family, at least he's not allergic!
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Home Evening

For FHE we went in to Lethbridge and had a fun time at Henderson Park. We all sat down and wrote out a 5 year plan, it was wonderful! Mosiah (obviously) was Darth Vader on this day. We went to the Handicap Center's Halloween Costume sale and picked up some stuff!
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