Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Fun

Obi and Mo have really taken to the cats, and for some reason the cats seem okay with it! This is Obi and Daisy.
We went to a really cool home school party at the Burton's house. It was super fun, we played a lot of games inside., and we made "friendship Soup". Shaina Sala painted faces. Mo got a spider but it washed off before I could catch a picture.
We went to the park again and did some shopping as well. I've fallen in love with Costco Poutine. Yummmmm!

My other babies used to do this too, but with big bouncey balls. It's cute because this is the ball he migrates too every time, and he can breathe through it. It's pretty cute.

Our Halloween decorations are very home made this year, but super fun!

They rode around on this thing for quite a while, look at Hyrums chubby hands holding on for dear life!

Ezra is very creative and artistic. He will sit for hours and sculpt or draw or paint, or whatever. Today he made this dice, I was super impressed because he made it by himself and all the dots are in the right spots. Super cool!

Poor Liam got stung by a wasp! It climbed into his shirt and got angry. He freaked out pretty bad. I went to kill the wasp and his bottom was ripped off, I figured I'd let nature do it's thing. I ended up having to pull the stinger out, but I did wait until it wasn't so tender. Cheyanne had some Afterbite, so I put some on and that at least calmed him down. Poor kid has been stung more than anyone in our family, at least he's not allergic!
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