Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The BIG Move

Cambria made me a beautiful butterfly cupcake for a going away gift, along with a plate of mickey mouse cookies. So cute! I miss you Cambria! Somehow we didn't get any pictures of Keo and Jody's going away party/Christmas party for us, but you better believe the food was great and the company was awesome!This is how Obi sleeps at nap time. He has to have a book to go to bed, and whatever toy he's been lugging around all day. This time it was an empty Clifford sippy cup. (Never let your kids go to bed with full sippy cups... only bad things can happen!)

During the big drive on the big move Cheyanne and I hit a bird in the car. This is a picture of the unfortunate happening.... all that was left was a feather stuck on my windshield wiper. Eeeew. Sorry birdy!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Peavoys

Our family pictures from Salina. Thank you so much Salina, you did an incredible job! You can see even more pics on my Facebook page.

Hyrum Madison Peavoy

These are a few of my favorite shots from Hyrum's photo shoot with my friend Salina. She did so good!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Begins

The boys participated in an ornament exchange this year with some friends in Utah, Canada, and Nevada. We colored wooden ornament kits and then glittered them up. We received a foam wreath from the Taylors in Canada, and a Popsicle stick snowflake from the Severts in Nevada. Way to much fun! We can't wait to see what we get from the other 4 families!
Obi's contribution to the ornament exchange.... not getting involved!
I left Hyrum on my bed the other day after changing him and he fell asleep. Ezra happened in on the situation and figured that the cute baby needed his blanky and a pillow. This is his doing:
We had Thanksgiving all alone this year. It was fun to do just our family, but it is always a little funner (is that a word?) and a little more hectic with more.
We got our family pictures done yesterday by my awesome friend Salina, they won't be ready for a while so we took some with our camera when we got home, of the boys. Aren't they handsome? The shirts were a Christmas gift from Kelly and Tasha, they arrived the day before pictures!!! Thanks girls, they were a smashing success!!!
I was so excited when I was taking Hyrums picture because I tickled his cheek and he giggled and smiled and I actually caught it on camera!!!
Proud big brother with his Baaaaay-beeeeeee:FIVE boys!!! (These ones turned out better than our last attempt!)


New pics from Hyrum. Isn't he an angel?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Local Friends... Take a Look

My husband finally convinced me to sell my awesome bunk-bed crib set on Craigslist. We're asking $100 for it but I wanted to offer it to any of our friends who might be interested for $50.... so I know that they are going to a good home! It's ideal for any kids smaller than Mosiah (he's almost four). When we lived in Arizona, Ezra and Liam slept in these. Ezra up top, because he was to little to climb, and Liam on the bottom so he could get in and out as he pleased. They were in these until we moved here when Liam was 3. My friend Sandy, who I got these from used them for her daycare kids.
I am also selling a bunch of ribbon for making bows with a book on how to make it look professional for $15.
We have 200 square feet of really nice tile that we are selling for $100.... it's your lucky day if you want to redo your bathroom!!!
We have a lot of other stuff that we will be getting rid of eventually, so if you're interested in something you know I have that I might be selling let me know. I'll keep you posted too!

Monday, November 22, 2010

In other news....

Hyrum's first trip to the park... all bundled up:

A chance sighting of Ronald McDonald:

Hyrum all ready for his fist Sunday at church:

Liam lost his first tooth and had a visit from the Tooth Fairy (who is apparently Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson):

The boys and Nana made this awesome Christmas Tree center piece for our table:

One for the album.... or maybe not.... our first picture with all 5 boys. This was the best one... I guess we'll have to try again when Obi's in a better mood:

Obi as Cindy Crawford (mini m'n'm's anyone?):

Proof that cupcakes are not always a good thing: