Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Local Friends... Take a Look

My husband finally convinced me to sell my awesome bunk-bed crib set on Craigslist. We're asking $100 for it but I wanted to offer it to any of our friends who might be interested for $50.... so I know that they are going to a good home! It's ideal for any kids smaller than Mosiah (he's almost four). When we lived in Arizona, Ezra and Liam slept in these. Ezra up top, because he was to little to climb, and Liam on the bottom so he could get in and out as he pleased. They were in these until we moved here when Liam was 3. My friend Sandy, who I got these from used them for her daycare kids.
I am also selling a bunch of ribbon for making bows with a book on how to make it look professional for $15.
We have 200 square feet of really nice tile that we are selling for $100.... it's your lucky day if you want to redo your bathroom!!!
We have a lot of other stuff that we will be getting rid of eventually, so if you're interested in something you know I have that I might be selling let me know. I'll keep you posted too!

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