Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ducks and Baby Preparations

One of our favorite buffets here just started doing their 2 for 1 buffet again on their roast beef night, so we thought we'd check it out. As always on 2 for 1 night, there was a long wait, but it didn't matter because we brought bread from home to feed the ducks!!! The boys had a blast feeding them bits of bread... except for Mo. He figured the skinny duck needed his whole piece to itself, so Mo mostly watched his brothers feed the ducks. Still fun though. Obi loves the ducks and now walks around the house pointing at all pictures of ducks, and rubber ducks and calling them quack quacks.
My Mom and I went and got our toe nails done. I usually do this right before I have my babies, so now my toes are all pretty and ready. Vanessa says I should have done blue because I'm having a boy, but I figure there's enough blue in this house already!Nana was in charge of the baby blanket this year. This is not a cheap blanket!!! It's all minky or manky or whatever that stuff is! Thanks Nana, Hyrum loves you!!!This morning we went for a long walk to see if we could bring on some contractions.... none as of yet... It was a lot of fun to explore nature with the boys and their Daddy though!

I've been having a heck of a lot of false labor so Bill decided I could have my flowers early. Often they show up magically during my labor, this time they showed up magically during my false labor. They even grew in size when the boys told Daddy that I needed flowers from the back yard too! Thanks husband, you are the best.
And lastly, the belly shots that Hyrum has been waiting for.
I decided not to edit out all of my stretch marks, so if you're disgusted... just close your eyes, it will be over shortly! ;)

You can open your eyes again!

Okay Hyrum... I got my toe nails done, Nana made your blanket, I went on a huge walk (and tried plenty of other "natural" ways to induce), I ate your favorite buffet dinner, your belly shots are huge, I made it through my girls night out, and your flowers are now hanging to dry. COME OUT!!!


  1. We've all waited long enough to meet you baby Hyrum, especially your momma! So come on baby!

  2. You look beautiful! Stretchmarks and all! Baby Hyrum it's time to come and meet your wonderful family!

  3. Good luck on the delivery. I didn't realize you were expecting. Congrats on Baby Boy #5.

  4. I have a three and a half year old named Obi too... well, actually he is Obadiah but we always call him Obi. All the best with your five boys. God bless.
    From Linda in Australia.