Thursday, December 23, 2010

The BIG Move

Cambria made me a beautiful butterfly cupcake for a going away gift, along with a plate of mickey mouse cookies. So cute! I miss you Cambria! Somehow we didn't get any pictures of Keo and Jody's going away party/Christmas party for us, but you better believe the food was great and the company was awesome!This is how Obi sleeps at nap time. He has to have a book to go to bed, and whatever toy he's been lugging around all day. This time it was an empty Clifford sippy cup. (Never let your kids go to bed with full sippy cups... only bad things can happen!)

During the big drive on the big move Cheyanne and I hit a bird in the car. This is a picture of the unfortunate happening.... all that was left was a feather stuck on my windshield wiper. Eeeew. Sorry birdy!

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