Friday, February 13, 2009

Hearse Day

Bill and I were asked by some friends of ours to drive a couple of their hearses into Las Vegas for a Cadillac car show. Little did we know... the mountain was not only covered in snow on the way in, but it was also being dumped on as we drove over. Luckily we've all had experience driving in the crazy stuff! I wanted to get way more pictures but it was freezing, so this is all I've got. Bryan and Dusty drove Mr. Frost, Robyn drove Reaper, I drove C O T C (Car of the coffin) and Bill drove Doom. (Those are the names of the cars by the way). Obi came with us, and we made him a little outfit and car seat cover to go with his hearse. He was the life (death?) of the party.

This last picture is not of a hearse (obviously) but it was the winner of a lot of awards at the car show!

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