Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Ezra!!!

These pictures were taken the day after Ezra's birth, which is February 11, 2005. Liam was so happy to see his new baby brother, and wanted the world to know that it was his baby.
Now, four years later they are still best friends. Happy Birthday Ezra!!!!
The Royal Birthday Chair:The royal birthday ribbon:
Rudy made this special chocolate rice kripsie treat just for Ezra. How sweet!

This has to be the best "surprise" face I have ever seen!Ezra asked for a green spider cake this year, instead of a blue one. Instead we made a green crab, and he was even happier with that!Happy Birthday Ezra. Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know!

This is me, explaining to Mosiah why he couldn't open the presents. He was very upset, but got over it when Ezra let him hold one of his already opened presents. What a nice big brother.


  1. Happy Birthday Ezra! Some days I can't believe how big my kids are getting. Some days I can't wait for them to have the next step of independency. Cool crab cake.

  2. I love the surprise face! Looks like a fun birthday! I love it when my kids show love for eachother. It looks like your boys are close. How fun!

  3. Happy Birthday Ezra. You are such a big boy now, and loving your brothers the way you do, that makes you an awesome kiddo. Love you and see you soon.

  4. Time flies by so fast!! Liek the cake!!

    ohh..on a side note, your mom gave a GREAT lesson on Sunday!