Friday, July 8, 2011

African Lion Safari

The Skinners were going to join us on our trip to Palmyra but decided instead to pay for us to go to the African Lion Safari in Ontario. It was incredible, and so much fun.

The lions were pretty boring, not much action, but I guess that's normal.

The cheetah's were up and moving which was pretty cool to see!

The monkey section was by far my favorite! A baboon jumped up on each of our cars! One jumped on our hood and grabbed our antenna ball, shoved it in his mouth and took off into the trees! The boys thought that was pretty hilarious! Here's Tasha with the baboons.

Huge Rhino.

This ostrich made a snack of the dead bugs on every ones car. It was pretty gross, but cool to see him pecking the cars. Mo was terrified!



Emu. This thing was actually pretty scary looking!

Buffalo! These guys were huge and there was a whole heard of them going to the water to swim.

They had an elephant bath and an elephant show. The bath was cool to see but the show was incredible.

The birds of prey show was also amazing.

The water park was so awesome!

Mosiah cuddled in a towel again. He didn't last to long in the water park, he wanted to be near the food.

Jazzy and Faith

Oba the brave water slider!

Mommy and Hyrum playing in the huge puddles.

My goat boys

Rudy found this evil looking Caterpillar. Icky!
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