Friday, July 29, 2011

Arlene, Neil and Mattea Visit: Part 2

More Waterton! My favorite part of Waterton is always feeding these little dudes. There's about 10 billion of them, and although they act shy at first, they usually warm right up to you, but don't get to comfortable, they do bite, right Mattea?

This guy was trying to get a picture but the little things kept running away, so we started chucking bread at him and he got swarmed! It was pretty hilarious.

You can't leave Waterton without putting your feet in the water. They didn't last too long, it is sooooooo cold!

We visited the Card Home in Cardston and the Courthouse Museum and Jail as well!

What a great visit! We can't wait to see you guys for Liam's baptism!!!
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