Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Summer!!!

My friends Tigger and Pooh!

Hyrum decided to take an early nap. I guess I wasn't so good at noticing the "I need a nap" signs.

My friends Batman and Superman.

Lego structures. Love 'em.

Food!!! Food? Blech!

At the Heritage Day Parade. I love his face. Notice, he has a whole bag of candy but goes gaga for one more!

Obi decided to throw a bolder up in the air. It didn't go to high, because he has little arms and this thing was massive. He came up to me with a gushing cut on his face! I put a bandaid on it, to let it sit before I checked to see if it needed stitches. It sealed itself up pretty well, so I just threw some super glue over top to keep him from picking it! Argh!

At the fireworks!

Sick day! Poor babies!

Just having an afternoon read...
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