Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Other Great Lake

We went in the evening to another Great Lake. It was a lot dirtier, but still fun. We made Liam a Giant Sand Man.

And then the boys buried me. Ezra went to the lake and filled up his buckets and then walked over to me and dumped them right on my face! I suspect Bill had something to do with that because he got the whole thing on tape!

Here's Ezra with his buckets of water just before he got me.

Mo found Godzilla and tried to pose like him.

Then they sat down with Obi and had a chat about life.

I love beaches, but it's quite unfortunate how much sand gets into everything. Hyrum was covered in it. This is after I washed his face off. He was not happy with me, but somehow he forgave me and went to sleep, even though he was still covered in sand. Poor baby!

Vanessa and Nyomi.
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