Saturday, July 9, 2011

Palmyra, New York

Our trip to palmayra involved us going over the Niagra Falls, so we parked and got out. Did you know parking ranges from $1 to $20 depending on where you park? If you need a cheap parking spot let me know, we found one!
The falls were beautiful! Here we are looking at the USA side.

This is the Canadian side.

At Palmyra.

In the visitors center.

Joseph Smith's house.

The bridge before the sacred grove.

Praying in the grove.

A nice lady was able to get a pretty decent picture of us outside the grove. Cool.

Back to the car we go!

We were talking to this nice missionary and Ezra cozied right up to him. He was being funny and Liam was cracking up. Eventually the missionary grabbed Ezra's leg and talked to him. It made us all giggle.

The Hill Cummorah Pagent. A.Ma.Zing. Not kidding. You need to go see it.
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