Sunday, December 7, 2008


We took Bill to the airport today for a short trip, and ended up having to run some errands as well. We stopped at a mall to do one of these errands and I let the boys run around the play place for a bit and then we went to get lunch at the food court. If you notice in Mo's picture he's holding a stuffed Tiger, that's what this post is all about.

(Also, take note of Liam and Ezra in the chimney, they are pretending to be Santa. Liam is even saying "Ho, Ho, Ho!")
After lunch we ran to the bathroom, and then headed out to the car to go home, by the way, it was a long weary walk through the mall as we were all operating on very little sleep, and we were so tired. Once we got to the car I loaded up the stroller, and the boys and then I realized that Tiger (aka. Kitty) was missing. Uh oh! I quickly unloaded the boys (but not the stroller) and we started to frantically retrace our steps throughout the whole mall. After almost finishing, and ending in the bathroom, the last place we went I was ready to give up. We started trudging sadly back to the car, and I happened to glance over at the Sbarro pizza place, and there, on top of their sneeze glass (the window between us and the food) was Kitty. I almost started bawling I was so happy. I practically kissed the old man who found him. I ran up and grabbed the stupid thing, and started gushing about how wonderful the man was, and thank you so much, and "You just saved Christmas!!!" (I don't know where that came from, but he had a good laugh over it). When I told Mo to say "thank you" to the lovely, lifesaving, wonderful man mo looked at his tiger and said "Kitty, meow, thank you!" to which the man had another good chuckle, and we left on our way. I'm pretty sure that man thinks he met the weirdest family on the planet. lol. Anyways, it turned out to be a good day, all my Vegas errands are done, and I am so ready for bed! G'night!


  1. well i'm so glad you found it!!! yay!!! and if that guy has had kids, or has grand kids now, he doesnt think you're weird!!!...just a family with young kids!!!!

  2. lol, that is quite the story! Glad it was found safe and sound.