Friday, January 9, 2009

Going for a walk

Vanessa and I both got bike trailers for Christmas. Vanessa also got a bike. Mine needs some work, so neither my bike, or my new trailer are pictured here, but you get the idea. We went for a little walk the other day, and had a blast. Andy and Mo fell asleep in the bike trailer within minutes, and Liam and Ezra were just heavy in the stroller, but somehow we made it. We passed this house that had about 10 chihuahuas in the front yard and they were FREAKING out, it was so cute, and loud, and funny. I can't wait until my bike trailer and bike are ready to join the parade!


  1. Bike trailers are GREAT! I love ours. It works great as a stroller in the snow, too as the wheels are large enough to takcle anything.

  2. Oh that looks so fun! I've always wanted a bike trailer--i think that'd be a blast for the kids!