Friday, January 9, 2009


On Christmas eve we went over to the Skinners and had a little party with Grandma and all the gifts for and from her. We also had our big dinner and the kids put on the Nativity for us (somehow they convinced me to be Mary, and Kelly was a sheep and a cow...) but I forgot my camera, which is to bad because it was sooooo cute. We made hats for the wise men and Vanessa made a shepherds crook for Ezra, the lone shepherd. Rudy was Joseph, and he wasn't so happy about the size of his Mary! Mosiah loved his crown so much that he chose to wear it all day on Christmas, instead of his Santa hat. The boys got completely hooked up this year in the way of presents, getting everything from bikes, to handheld leapster type game consoles, to real keyblades from my parents, to video games, to light sabers, and the list goes on. Mosiah got a Batman blanket that he is absolutely thrilled with.
The Keyblades:They ended up waking up at 8:30, and then they played with their stockings for about 2 hours before we even got to presents. It was after 12:30 when we finally got done. We also got to have Kelly with us which was fun, especially when we all got to the silly string in our stockings!!!! Ezra ended up stepping in it (how could you not) and he was so grossed out that he threw his can on the ground and yelled "This is GROSS!!!! I'm going to my room!!!" and off he went. (notice him in the back of this picture with string hanging off his foot.) Liam thought it was hilarious and ended up using his whole can before everyone else. (notice the spray coming out at the end of his can. No string left, just air and nastiness)Mosiah got shot with it and freaked out. I don't know if you've ever gotten a face full of silly string, but it's not dry, it's wet and it feels like you're covered in liquid, but it's just strings. Mo was not impressed, and hid behind me until we got it all vacuumed up before continuing to presents. (I love Mo's face in this picture)

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