Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mosiah's Birth Story

Mosiah Washington Peavoy

We decided to have our 3rd baby at home using a midwife. At about 4 AM on January 5th, I had a contraction and got out of bed to do my hair and makeup. After then next contraction I realized it was a little to painful so I woke Bill up to ask if him if I should call the midwife. Bill knew it was long drive in from Vegas so he decided it was best to get the midwife to start driving. For the next 45 minutes, Bill set up the birthing kit and supplies and got everything ready for when our midwife, Sandy, would arrive. After a pretty solid contraction, I said to Bill, "Soooo, if I was to have this baby, like NOW, would you be okay?" Bill assured me that he would be fine if we needed to proceed without Sandy and I said "Good, cause I can feel his head!" Bill looked and sure enough, there was his head! With the midwife still 20 minutes away, Bill rolled up his sleeves and reassured me that he would deliver the baby and everything would be fine. With the midwife talking into his ear on the cell phone and his mother (the only other person in the house) handing him everything he needed, Bill delivered his 3rd beautiful son into this world at 5:30 AM. Compared to our 2 previous births, this one was the quickest, smoothest and easiest on me. Because I was trying to keep Mosiah in until the midwife arrived I actually didn't even push, he just kind of slid out when he was ready! It was the most beautiful experience in the world and when the midwife finally arrived she said that Mosiah was one of the healthiest and strongest babies she’d ever seen. Sandy showed up about 10 minutes after Mosiah came out. She finished up and left in record time! Before she left, she asked Bill if he’d like to study to become a midwife (and she wasn't joking). Mosiah Washington Peavoy weighed 9 lbs at birth and measured 20 ½ inches long. He is beautiful and healthy, and we think he’s perfect in every way.

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