Saturday, February 19, 2011

Liam's Chin....

4 years ago Liam fell out of a Walmart cart and busted his chin open, the story is here. Now Liam has a new story to tell. We all got invited to a birthday party at the skating rink. We don't have skates yet, but we decided to find some helmets and go anyway. We would just be walking on the ice and getting used to the feel of it. Liam felt it alright. Liam and Ezra and Daddy with the stroller were the first ones out on the ice, Mo and I joined after we got Mo's helmet fitted properly. As soon as I got on the ice (about 3 minutes after everyone else) Liam fell backwards in front of me and smacked the back of his helmet pretty good. I gasped and Bill told me that that was actually the 6th time he had fallen! I said a silent thank you to Sarah, the birthday boys mom, for making us bring helmets.
I then grabbed my camera and started to take pictures of my camera. It wasn't until just now that I realized that I had the progression of Liam's Dilema on film.
This is the first picture that I took. (Taken at 3:23pm)
This is a picture of my friend Lisa Cahoon. In the background there is a little boy getting up off of the ice. That is Liam. (Taken at 3:23pm)This is my awesome little sister Cheyanne, in the background you can see Liam laying on the ground. (Taken at 3:23pm)
Bill will probably not appriciate this picture of his bum, but notice Liam in this picture holding his chin and crying. (Taken at 3:23pm, that's a lot of falls in 1 minute!!!") I slid over to see what was wrong and it was pretty bad. There is this monstrous gaping hole where Liam's chin should be! Before I left the house I grabbed a clean white washcloth... just in case of emergency... and I threw that on his chin. After talking to a couple of family friends and a nurse who happens to be the Birthday Boys teacher... I think... we got in the car and headed to the ER.
Warning: The next picture is a little graphic for you weak stomached friends. It makes me cringe! You can also see the scar from his last incident. There is also a HUGE alligator tear rolling down his neck. Poor boy! (This picture was taken in the van in front of the hospital at 3:41pm)
Liam putting on a brave face before going in to get stitches. (Look at all those freckles! He is so darling!)
When he came out of the hospital he was so excited! He had a cool story to share and 5 stitches! What could be more fun than that!?!? (They wanted to give him a sedative, but he was able to calm him self down so he wouldn't need one.) So, we loaded him back in the car and went to the rest of Jordans party at the local bakery.

1 week later he got the stitches out.

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