Monday, November 5, 2007

Trouble at Walmart and Home Made Cookies

Well, we had an interesting night last night. I promised the boys we would make cookies but when we got all the ingredients out, we realized that we were out of eggs, so we decided to make a quick Walmart run to pick some up, as well as some almond extract. Anyways, we got there, picked up we needed, and then decided to check out the discount Halloween section, and everything was knocked down to 75% off, so we decided to get a couple of things, mainly the swords that go with costumes, but we also got a cool knight costume for $2, and two vampire capes for $2.50. We also got a Zorro hat for $1 and a pirate hat with an eye patch and an earring for $1. We're planning on giving the boys this stuff for Christmas, along with Nana and Papa's top secret Christmas gift, which I'm sure you'll hear all about after Christmas. Anyways, we were having a great time in the Halloween aisle, and the boys were a bit crazy, so we put Liam up in the cart with Ezra. They were doing good until they both decided to lean the same way at the same time. The cart toppled over and the boys went with it. Both Bill and I ran to them and picked them up. Ezra was sitting in the chair with a seat belt on (which by the way, totally didn't help) and Liam had been standing on the back. He banged his chin pretty good, and there was a pretty decent sized gash on his chin. Of course, as it is with most Mommy's, I panicked and it looked way worse than it was. Bill, always the calm in charge Daddy, picked him up and took him to the bathroom to clean him up. I inspected Ezra and found that he had just bumped his knees, they are totally fine now, and just have bruises like all kids get every day.

After I cleaned up the spilled groceries and got everybody situated I headed over to the bathroom where Bill and Liam were. I could hear Liam crying, so I knew I had the right bathroom. I got an employee to go and grab a couple of bandaids and then Bill came out. We threw a bandaid on it, ran to the first aid section and grabbed some "new skin" (liquid bandaid), payed for our purchases, and headed to the hospital to have it looked at.

Bill and Liam went in and Mommy stayed with Ezra and Mo. Bill talked to Vicky, the receptionist, who wasn't very helpful, surprise, and came back to the car with Liam. Bill did manage to get out of her that the doctor would probably just super glue it shut, and that even if it was nothing, and the doctor sent us home it would cost us a minimum of $300.

Well, it just so happens that I have some (medical) superglue at home from our last little incident, so we decided to do a home repair.

Dr. Mom, Dr. Dad, and Dr. Grandma laid Liam out on the counter and pinched the cut together, applied some "new skin" which is also an antiseptic, and then covered the outside with the glue. It sealed together quite nicely, and Liam was so brave! Apparently though, new skin hurts like nothing you've ever felt (must be the antiseptic). The super glue didn't hurt at all. We waited for everything to dry, gave Liam a sucker, a couple of bandaids and a whole lot of medical tape to cover everything, and then we made cookies.

Anyways, it was a devastating experience, and we'll never put to kids in one cart again, but it could have been worse, we could have broken skulls, or bones, or necks (which, I suppose all fall into the "bone" category) but we just had a little cut, which didn't even need stitches. So Liam is walking around with a big bandage on his face, and he's taking it easy (by force).

The cookies turned out good, and we all went to bed happy. The only thing bothering Liam is the tape because "it's itchy!!!"

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