Monday, November 26, 2007

Pay it forward update.

Just a reminder to check out my "Pay it Forward" post for a free homemade gift. It doesn't matter who you are, or if you live in another country, just comment on it and I'll send you a free home made gift soon. But hurry, there are not many spaces left!


  1. ok, I'll bite - send me a present - because I am worth it - Mom

  2. I would totally bite too!! BUT...I dont have a single thing handmade that I could send someone!!I have been thinking and thinking and thinking. I am not crafty!!! rats! by the way, totally love reading your blog!!!!! and check it a couple of times a week (is that stalker-ish??). Now if only ALL the relatives would get one!!!

  3. ok, like my sister, i am completely handicaped when it comes to handi crafts! i'm terrible, but if you're willing, i'll take a gift, and then i'll be sure to spread christmas cheer around (like give money to the poor people, some sort of act of service, you get the idea!) if not, well bummer!