Thursday, November 8, 2007


I meant to post these yesturday, but got to busy playing with the boys, so here they are today. It was such a beautiful day that we put bubble solution in our bubble machine and had a bubble party. Liam's favorite thing to do with bubbles is "kill" them. He's all about attacking, and destroying. Ezra is more of a watcher. Everyone in a while he'll jump in and knock off a couple, but mostly he stands back and watches the other boys. This was Mo's first experience with bubbles and he LOVED it. (As you can see in the pictures.) His favorite part was when the ground got wet from the fallen bubbles and they started to stack up. In all his pictures except for one his hands are blurry, because he shows his excitement by shaking his hands. It's so funny.

I aplogize for the undear wear shots, we kind of decided to do bubbles on the fly, and I didn't think to re-dress the boys!
By the way, Bill and I checked Liam's cut today, and it's healing up quite nice (Yeah for super glue!!!)


  1. You have a beautiful family, Kim, it is good to see you blogging, i will be sure to keep in better touch!!!

  2. undear wear??? Underwear!!!
    You are such a goof. Moe is just about a cute as they come. So are the other two. I'm a little prejudiced.