Friday, November 16, 2007

Party at the Peavoys

I was supposed to have a Stampin' Up party last night, but my demonstrator/friend had a sick family to tend to, so I decided to have a regular party, but invite a bunch of demonstrators for different things instead. I called everyone and told them to come. Seventeen people showed up, including 4 demonstrators. Angie was there for Salt City Candles, Marijo for Home Interiors, Selina showed her "If Walls Could Talk" sayings, and Lavonne was there for The Body Shop. I had so much fun, and I baked SO MUCH food. I still have tonnes left over.

Thanks everyone for coming, and thanks to the demonstrators for their awesome contribution. Thanks Marijo for the snowman (I got this really cool snowman for doing a party, it sings and dances). Thanks Lavonne for the door prizes. Thanks Vanessa G for the door prizes. Thank you Cambria for the yummy pie (hers was homemade, unfortunately I'm not much of a baker, and a lot of my stuff came from boxes. Cambria inspires me.) And thanks Vanessa S, my sister, for helping me decide to throw the party, and listening to me ramble about how excited I was. I Love Parties!!!

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