Sunday, November 18, 2007


Every Friday a group of Moms and their kidlets get together at one of the parks here. Vanessa was the one to coordinate it, and finally families are showing up. Last Friday was the biggest group since our new start up, so we were pretty excited. I've met lots of cool Moms at this playgroup, and Liam is making all sorts of (girl) friends.

Mo stayed in the swing for pretty much the whole time, and actually fell asleep in it. I think he was a little under the weather, but he still had a good time. He was so cute!

For quite a while Ezra played with a group of kids, which was great to watch. Of course Andy was in that group, Ezra loves Andy. I think Andy is the only "Friend"/cousin that he can actually remember the name of. He got a little grouchy towards the end, until I showed him how to bury his hands in the rocks. Another little boy saw us doing it so he came and joined Ez, but Ezra was more interested in getting his own hands in as deep as possible than playing with someone else. Ezra has always been the type of kid that goes off and plays on his own while every other kid is playing tag or something, but I don't mind, at least he's not complaining about being bored when there are no other kids around.

Liam was off playing with girls the whole time. Going to the park as often as we did a couple of months ago has kind of burned the kids out on the play equipment, but if there are kids Liam still has fun. The swings usually occupy a lot of our time as well. Anyways, today, for Liam, it was all about the girls, and eventually the cute little girl at the water fountain. They did this last play group too, and got soaked, but had a blast. I told myself, and another mom, that as soon as my kids re-discovered the water fountain we were leaving. I lied. I totally let Liam play in the water again, and get soaking wet, but I did it mostly because I was having so much fun watching all these little kids, just absolutely fascinated by this fountain! Then Liam started spitting the water out all over the place, and I was done.

The boys were so exhausted when they got home, that they all fell asleep in the car, and Liam napped soaking wet (bad Mommy). He woke up dry though, and luckily he still didn't catch a cold.

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