Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a full Thanksgiving weekend. Kelly drove down to visit and stay for the weekend. On Thursday night we were invited over to Jake and Vanessa Skinners house for dinner. We brought the Turkey, some stuffing, the potato's, and the gravy. Everything turned out pretty decent. Vanessa made Yorkshire Puddings, a beautiful salad, dressing/stuffing, and green been casserole, which was actually made with asparagus, it was very tasty. We had Mormon Champagne (that would be fancy pop for all you whine drinkers out there...), and delicious pie. It was a beautiful dinner!

After dinner, we played Imagine If, which was lots of fun. Kelly won. I stole and modified most of these pictures from the Skinners blog.

Thank you Vanessa and Jake for an awesome time!


  1. Nice shirts the boys had for thanksgiving. Where were they for the dinner picture?
    Love ya - mom

  2. The kids had their own Thanksgiving table. I don't think they ate a thing though, they were having to much fun with their cousins!