Sunday, November 18, 2007

A lot of Cinnamon and a little Murr

While I was outside with the boys Murr (the black cat) and Cinnamon (the calico cat) were watching us, so we snapped a couple of shots of them.

They are Marion's cats, but the boys love them, and Cinnamon seems to love us. She's so funny. She's very skittish, but loves to be petted. She has some inner turmoil though, whenever she's trying to decide if she wants to risk being petted. I don't know what she's afraid of, no one has ever hurt her, but, non the less, she is still scared to death. Every once in a while she'll run inside the house, realize what a horrid mistake she has made and bolt for her life. When she finally does decide, that yes, she will risk her life for a little lovin' she loves it so much that she drools puddles and puddles of cat saliva all over her petter. She also can't just sit and enjoy being petted, she has to tell you how much she loves it, so not only are you getting slobber all over your outfit and skin, but you are also being assaulted by long, horrible, LOUD, whiny meeeeeeooooooooooowwwws. So, when you've just about had enough, and you stand up, she bolts as if she thinks that you were about to sick a dog on her or something and you don't see her again (or hear her) until the next time she happens to see you walking through the yard, the next day, or whenever. Anyways, it may sound like it's a burden to pet Cinnamon, but it's certainly never a dull moment with her, and I enjoy the attention as much as she does.

Everytime I tried to take a picture of Cinnamon she moved, or she opened her mouth to meow at me. She also got her spit all over the camera lense once, and I have a tonne of blurry shots of her, because she doesn't sit still while you are petting her, maybe it's her nervousness. Finally, when she didn't know I was looking at her she settled down and I got the last shot. Murr was easy to photograph, because she wasn't interested in being petted, at all, so she kept her distance. I only had to take one shot of her.

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