Monday, November 12, 2007

Blog Tag

Well, I got blog tagged, by Crystal and Krystal, which means I need to post 6 random things about myself and then tag 6 people. Well, here are the six people, and then I'll tell you my random things! Cherisa Tagg, you're it! Vicki Forsyth, tag! Vanessa Garnica and Vanessa Skinner, tag, gottcha! Kelsey Pankhurst and Julie Allred, you can't escape, you're it!

1. I am a huge popcorn junkie. I love it, love it, love it. I love going to the theater just for the smell. The yummy greasiness. Mmmmmmh! Even better than popcorn though, is day old popcorn! Yes, I'm talking about the stuff that didn't get eaten the first day, that is still in the bowl the NEXT day. Some would call it stale, I would call it YUMMY! I also like Parmesan cheese on my popcorn, or seasoning salt.

2. I don't like jumping on trampolines. I hate the way my body feels as it's flying through the air, like my fat rolls are going to fall off or something. Okay, that's a bit gross, but seriously. Not a fan.

3. I absolutely HATE to cook. There's this buffet here, that does 2 for 1, and it's only $6 per person, and kids under 6 eat for free, so we used to go there a lot. Our whole family of 5, eats for under $6! Why cook when you can have all you can eat food, dessert, and soda for $6. Plus, someone else cleans up your mess for you! I don't even like to bake, although, when I do I usually love the end product. I guess it all boils down to laziness!

4. When I repair musical instruments (that's what I do), I always have to start out with an absolutely clean work bench, with all the tools laid out perfectly, in the order I need them. When I am done fixing the instrument the work bench is ALWAYS destroyed, and I will usually leave it that way until I'm ready to start my next job. So each repair job always starts out with a serious cleaning and laying out of my work bench. I also do my make up this way. I start by laying out everything I need, but I do put that away as I go. Order of makeup: face lotion, foundation (cover up), Eye liner, Lip gloss (on days I don't wear lipstick), eye shadow, blush (if I wear it that day), use eye lash curler, mascara, lip stick (If I'm wearing it).

5.I adore camping. I would camp every weekend if I could. Most people that I know like to just camp for a couple of days, but I would go for weeks on end if I could. I wanted to go camping on my honeymoon, but it was to cold! Plus, Bill isn't so big on it. The best part of camping is camp fires, and tents, I love sleeping in tents. The boys though, think that camping is all about the marshmallows. If we have a fire in the back yard and roast marshmallows the boys think we are camping!

6. I find brushing animals very therapeutic. Weird eh?


  1. very interesting and informative! i like camping too, but i sure like coming back to modern conveniences, like running water!!! hahaha!

  2. Hey I like that music... I really need to get my blog up to date. I wouldn't know what kind of music to load. thanks for not putting country I don't think I could look at your blog for very long if that was the case. See ya at the party tomorrow.

  3. cute blog! i'm excited to come to the party. sounds like our first mom's mixer to me. :)

  4. It was fun to read your random list. I agree, camping is great, and is with a tent. It bugs me when people take thier motorhomes so they can have all the conviences, and call that camping. Where is the fun in that?